Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems and The Importance of Servicing

Modern heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems use heat exchange to give the homeowner complete climate control, and these state of the art systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance. You might be wondering how a single system can heat up and cool down your interior, as this used to require two separate systems, one being central heating and the other, air-conditioning, yet modern technology has allowed for both warm and cold air to be supplied by the same system.

Optimum Heat Exchange

The core components of an HVAC system are the heat pumps, which either take hot air from the outside and after cooling, the air is pumped around the interior, or in colder times, the outside air is heated and sent into the building by way of ducting. The system must be regularly inspected, and filters cleaned and any components that look a little worn should be replaced. Most British homeowners will have their climate control system serviced twice a year, once prior to winter and once just before summer, and this is usually adequate to ensure optimum performance. There are central heating engineers in Sunderland, for example, who can replace heat pumps and service boilers and HVAC systems on a regular basis, and this will ensure that your heating and air-conditioning are always in tip-top shape.


Every HVAC system incorporated filters, which remove dirt and tiny particles from the air, and these build up after a while, and require cleaning. Clogged filters will seriously impede the performance of the system and your energy bills will soar as the system works overtime to maintain the desired temperature. It is essential to have good airflow with HVAC systems, and if the filters are blocked, this will cause excessive strain on the pump, and this could be the onset of costly repairs.

Replacing Parts

Like all machinery, parts do wear out, and if something in your climate control system is not functioning properly, this could cause other issues, and with regular visual inspections by a qualified service engineer, any issues can be quickly resolved.

Boiler Maintenance

Whether you run gas or electric system, your boiler will need regular inspections, and with electric elements often in need of replacement, this is one aspect that should be on the list. Ideally, the contractor that installs the system would also service on a set schedule, perhaps two or even three times a year.


We all know just how bitter the British weather can be, and pipes can corrode or freeze over, and all electrical connections should be well protected. Exterior wiring should also be checked for signs of corrosion, especially if you live in a coastal area, where salt is a major issue.

Compressors should be kept clean, and check for obstructions around the air intake area, as this will help to ensure smooth running. If you would like to have your HVAC system overhauled or serviced, an online search will point you in the right direction.

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