Home design software for new house extension projects

When embarking on a home building or an interior design project, no matter how large or small it always helps to be prepared. Floor plan software can minimise the potential pitfalls:

Designing & planning can be completed by an architect, however portraying your ideas can be difficult, frustrating and costly. It enables you to engage in the process to ensure you get the design you want.

Visualising 2D foor plans can be difficult and stressful when decision making under a time schedule. However with software, you can instantly see the effects of you 2D changes in 3D before you need to make those decisions.

Once your project is underway and construction commences; it is often the case that what you originally visualised in your 2D floor plan is different to the actual construction. 3D walkthroughs and cross-sections, which are enabled in home design software, will assist with visualising your 2D house plans.

A home designed for you is not always a home designed for your lifestyle. Often the things that are important for you may not be a factor for others: be it a home cinema, gym home office or just a simple sofa. Planning rooms, layouts, lighting and decoration around the things that are important to you is made much easier by viewing the design in 3D.

Room layouts will make electrical wiring decisions much easier when determining the best positions for power points, TV antennas, phone lines, home cinema speaker cables etc.

Solving problems with simple to use solutions

Drawing your home design ideas on paper is always a quick and easy solution, however it is difficult to draw to scale and then modify or add new details to your drawings. This is where computer software has proven to be the best tool for recording and progressing or testing different ideas.

Choosing the right home design software for your needs is very important as many programs can be suited to different housing markets and or levels of users; not all software you have seen or have tried is the same. 3D Architect Home Designer software is developed for everyday use and not exclusively for CAD professionals. The drawing

process is a progression from pen and paper; first draw in 2D and then instantly see your floor plans come to life in an interactive 3D model with a single mouse click.

Why we suggest using Home Design Software?

From beginning to end home design software will prove useful. Planning is the most important part of any project; if the planning is thoroughly and accurately completed, the project will almost manage itself. 3D Architect home design software will allow you to draw your own plans or enter existing plans and visualise them instantly in 3D. Walk through you designs in 3D, adding furniture, colours and textures to your creations.

3D Architect Home Designer range of software was originally used by professional architects, but has since been discovered by many other users such as self-builders,interior designers, small businesses, room planning and home improvement projects.

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