Home Improvement Projects: Water, Water, Everywhere

When it comes to home improvement, there are few areas that need more attention than the places that can potentially get water damaged. It’s just the nature of the beast in this case, because even a small amount of moisture that doesn’t dry eventually is going to cause quite a bit of damage, and then leave mold in its wake as well.

So five places where you should check for water being handled correctly during your home improvement top-to-bottom include inspecting your water heater, considering shutoff valves, looking at the roof, ensuring your sump pump doesn’t go offline in a power outage, and being sure that you understand the mechanics of a basic faucet leak.

Check Your Water Heater

Chances are pretty good that if your water heater has a small leak, you might not notice for a while. And during that time frame, an incredible amount of damage can start to occur, as well as your energy bill going up unnecessarily because of wasted electricity or gas. So to avoid this happening, inspect your water heater occasionally to see if there are tell-tale signs that a pipe is dripping somewhere. The last thing you want is to not check the appliance for six months and then find out there’s been an issue the whole time.

Avoid Certain Shutoff Valves

When you work on your toilets, you might be inclined to use the water shutoff valve close to the individual tank itself. This can be a huge mistake, because once you unseat those fragile little parts, you may never be able to get it in place correctly again. It’s almost always better to do the main shutoff valve for short periods of time to avoid this frustration.

Don’t Let the Roof Leak

Another huge and often hidden place for water damage is along the roof line. So it’s important that you inspect the roof regularly and see if there is any part that needs repair. If a hole develops in the shingles somehow, the insulation can get damaged very easily and create further issues down the road as well.

Get Backup Power For Your Sump Pump

If you live in certain areas and have a basement, then you know the importance of a sump pump when it comes to avoiding water damage, especially in storm conditions. But, storm conditions are also when electricity tends to go out. And that means to avoid a pretty serious situation, always have a backup generator at the ready to immediately hook up as necessary.

Learn the Mechanics of a Faucet Leak

One of the most common water troubles you’ll have is with leaky faucets. And there are somewhat specialized tools and techniques that you have to use in order to efficiently fix the problem. A few YouTube video searches can get you close to a solution, but be sure you know all of the parts before attempting a fix, not just a few of them – you certainly don’t want to make the situation worse!

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