Home Improvement Tips To Avoid Common Pests

The best way to protect a home against common critters is to design the space to be a very unwelcoming environment for unwanted pests.  Too often, homeowners invite pests inside their homes unknowingly by simply neglecting a few simple precautionary steps.  

Also, several simple upgrades will jumpstart a home’s frontline protection against common pests like mice, moths, termites, ants, and other unpleasant insects.  Take a closer look, and start planning a solid home defense with these helpful home improvement tips to avoid some of the most common pests.

Keep the area around large appliances clean and dry

Most homeowners do not pay attention to the spaces surrounding large appliances and HVAC systems.  These spaces are prime breeding ground for termites, spiders, and other unwanted creepy crawlies.  Dusty dark areas are an ideal breeding ground for moths, and all of these pests are not easily extinguished.  

Check window and door seals

The first place to begin the journey to home protection is to inspect all the openings in the home.  People move in and out of these openings, so it would be foolish to think that bugs and another pest would not capitalize on these entrances into the home.  

Check the windows and doors for any faulty seals or gaps.  Not only will repairing these issues help to deter pests, these simple repairs will improve the home’s energy efficiency.  Save money on heating and air bills, and live pest free.

Obtain a proper home inspection

Every home should regularly be inspected by a licensed professional.  Not every homeowner is an expert on structural issues and other specialized trades, nor should they have to be.  Inspection is the key to avoiding unnecessary damage to the structure of the home.  

A qualified professional will also assist in pest-proofing the home.  They will crawl into all the nooks and crannies of the structure without fear, and let the owners know what needs to be done to maintain the home.  

Repair any gaps in the baseboards

The same theory applies to baseboards as applies to windows and doors.  The cracks and gaps are a neon welcome sign to insects and other pests.  Also, updating a home’s baseboards is an excellent way to build equity.  

Install granite instead of laminate countertops

Laminate countertops do not age well.  They are bad for retaining moisture which provides an active breeding ground for harmful bacteria.  Granite is much better for almost every purpose in the kitchen.  It is not as porous as the cheaper materials commonly used in DIY kitchen remodels.  In addition, keep drains cleaned and dry.  Musky, damp drains can also build up bacteria and draw in ants and drain flies.


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