How To Identify The Type Of Bees Around Your Home.

Type Of Bees

Having bees decide to build a nest in your home can be looked at from two ways. Maybe you like bees and you don’t mind them being there, or maybe you are terrified of bees and you don’t want them there. Either way, you need to understand about the different kinds of bees in the UK and that they need to be treated with different methods, as one method does not fix all. There may be issues with the sheer size of the nest, and this is when it can start to damage your home. Honey bees, for example, will build a large nest and the honey may leak onto the wood, in the underside of your roof, or they might just decide to build their nest in the most disruptive of places, and you need to get it moved.

What To Look For.

In Wales, the two most common bees would be bumble bees and honey bees. When you are trying to identify what kind of bee you have, look at their shape. If they are more rounder, bigger and seem furrier than other bees, then those are bumble bees. These kinds of bees tend to build their nests in bird boxes, beneath your decking and maybe in a compost pile, but they are now increasingly setting up home in trees. As a rule, you don’t need to worry about them, but sometimes the swarm becomes so big, that it becomes a concern and you need to look for an expert who can carry out a bumble bees nest removal in Cardiff.

Get Them Moved.

The honey bees will provide you with great honey, but sometimes they set up home in the most unusual of places, like your chimney or in your wall cavities. Honey bees are smaller than bumble bees and generally they are OK, until they begin to swarm. When they do swarm, they set up shop on a tree branch and other places, but this is usually short term, as they look for somewhere a little more permanent. The honey bee is not protected and you can call in pest control for them, but talk to the pest control expert, and see if they can move the bees on without killing them. In a number of cases, the pest control expert can move the hive to a more suitable place, where they are not as intimidating.

Killing Is A Last Resort.

Killing the bees should be a last resort, and it will depend on whether the entrance to the nest can be closed after the area is treated. A pest control expert will have the professional knowledge and the technical information to assess the situation and they also have access to certain insecticides, that won’t be available across the counter. Once the issue has been addressed, make sure that you cover up all areas where they can get into around your house, and remove any honey comb you see. The reason for this, is that that honey has been contaminated with the insecticide and the bees will try to take it back to the new nest. You don’t want this, as it will infect the new nest site.

Generally, bees should be left alone and it is only as a last resort that you should contact pest control. They will go away themselves eventually, but it is understandable to remove them if they become a nuisance.

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