How To Keep Flowers Fresh, After Delivery

Flowers, flowers, flowers! There isn’t liveliness in any occasion without the presence of flowers. Flowers have the ability to make the surrounding fresh and vibrant with their beauty and fragrance. But, it is flowers nature to wilt and wither after a while. Even if, no one likes to see them wilted. Especially, the bride can not tolerate unhealthy, saggy wedding flowers.

For the perfection, the bride takes care of every single thing related to wedding on her own. She also makes sure to get the best flower delivery on the same day. So that, there remains no possibility of sagging flowers and they look elegant on the big day. But practically, you have spent a lot on wedding flowers and how could you throw them after wedding day? I know, flowers would be wilted and withered, so you should consider these tips to prolong your flowers life.


  1. You should replenish the water frequently. And change the water entirely every 2-3 days.

Flowers drink plenty of water. It is not a surprising fact that a large flower can suck up all the water in a vase within the first day or second. Keep the vase full to ensure the flowers do not dry out and wilt. However, flowers are highly susceptible to bacteria that builds up as stems sit in the water. For long floral arrangements, you should carefully tip the vase over a sink to let the water drain without affecting the design. Then you can refill the vase by gently pouring water in at the top of the flowers.


  1. You should trim at least a half inch of stem off your flowers before putting them in a vase and each & every time you change the water.

As flowers stay out of the water until destination comes, the end of stems dry out and the cells die which can make it difficult for the flowers to absorb water. Thus, by cutting stems just before placing them in the water again, you expose fresh tissues that can suck up the water much more efficiently.


  1. Keep your flowers away from heat and bright light.

Sometimes, people thinks that they should place flowers in sunny lights where they feel happiness. However, cut flowers are actually the opposite of plotted plants. They are at their top of the perfection. Sun and heat will help them to become mature and quicken their demise.


  1. Avoid sitting your flowers beside ripening fruits or vegetables, especially apples and bananas.

Ripening fruits give off an odourless invisible gas which is called ethylene. However, this gas is harmless to humans but rather deadly for flowers. Ethylene is the gaseous hormone in the plant that induces that flower to drop its petal and become a fruit. After the fruit matures, it continues to give off ethylene. Thus, when you place a vase of flowers beside ripening fruits, you’re exposing them to this gas.

  1. Use sharp scissors when cutting

If you will use dull, old scissors to trim your flowers then you are often smashing, and damaging, the cells at the end of the stem. Damaged cells cannot absorb water as healthy and effective cells. Thus, use sharp scissors which can ensure a clean cut that leaves cells won’t get harmed.

Basically, flowers world is a huge world. If you are a bride, then you’ll surely come to know that there are so many things to be considered while choosing flowers for your big day because a simple mistake can ruin the whole appearance of your wedding. One of the best thing anyone can do is, take suggestions from your known florist or search on the internet, read flower related magazines or articles and step ahead in a resultant way. Happy Married Life Ahead!

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