How to Negotiate with a Joiner

Joiners and carpenters offer a plethora of woodworking services to their clients. Most people are under the impression that joiners only provide custom furniture services, but that’s not true. In fact, they specialise in any kind of woodworking service that you might require. However, many people feel that local joiners charge a pretty high sum for their work. Some of the many services that joiners offer include the following:

  • Building wood door frames and window frames
  • Deck building
  • Wooden furniture repairs

Local Chichester joiners can do a fantastic job for you at home, provided you know how to negotiate with them properly. Here are some basic tips to help you negotiate with a joiner and get the best price possible for your custom furniture.

Don’t Reveal Your Weakness

When you sit down with a joiner to discuss your requirements, never reveal your weaknesses. If you can’t find another joiner who is willing to take up the project, there’s no need to let the party on the other side know about it. Never reveal your weaknesses to another company when you are negotiating a fee with them, as that will give them the upper hand.

Keep in Touch with Several Joiners

To get the best prices, you should keep in touch with several joiners. Get quotes from different companies in the area and then decide which one to go for. It’s generally a wise move to keep your options open so that you can settle on the most feasible option.



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