How to Purchase Property in Jordan

Most foreign nationals end up residing in the Middle East due to job transfers or finding work in the region. Jordan is considered one of the safer countries in which to reside with the ongoing turmoil in the region, which has increased the value of properties, especially after the Arab Spring uprisings. Although you do need approval to purchase a property in the country, it is relatively easy to buy a home in Jordan.

Buying Property in Jordan

As long as you’re from a reciprocating country, you will be able to purchase a home in Jordan. To purchase property within the country, permission must be given by the Minister of Finance and the General Director of the Survey Department. The Lands and Survey Department supply the sales forms, the certificate of ownership, and the cadastral map for the property you acquire. The Ministry of Finance is where you will obtain your tax clearance.

Although you don’t necessarily need to retain an attorney to purchase a property, you will need the assistance of a real estate agent. However, it is always wise to hire an attorney whenever you’re purchasing property, especially in a country with which you may be unfamiliar. Once you acquire the help of an agent, they can search for suitable properties for you and your family, as needed.

Types of Available Properties

As with most Middle Eastern countries, you will find many modern apartments and villas available despite the antiquity of the area. You can find furnished apartments or unfurnished villas in many of the cities of Jordan, including Amman, Ajloun, Aqaba, and Jerash. You can also acquire land in Jordan, but it is usually limited to 10 acres.

A good place to start looking for a Jordan property is real estate websites. You can specify which city in Jordan you would be interested in moving to as well as what type of property you would like, how many bedrooms you would need, and the price range that you can afford. Once you select the details, you can search the listings for available properties with your requirements.

Expected Fees

Once you’ve found a property you like and make an offer, there will be a 10% fee to transfer the ownership of the title once the sale closes. Fortunately, you do not pay the entire fee as it is divided between the buyer and seller. The seller will cover 4% of the transfer tax fee, while the buyer, which in this case is you, is responsible for 6%.

Brokerage fees will also need to be paid when you purchase a property. The typical fee is 2% of the selling price due from the buyer and 2% from the seller. Unless you are tax exempt in Jordan, the brokerage fee includes an additional 16% sales tax on the property. Any other fees can be explained by the agent you hire to help you acquire property for your new home in Jordan.


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