How to Reduce Home Energy Costs

There are multiple ways to reduce your utility bills and live in an energy efficient home. With some careful planning, maintenance work and eco-friendly installations, you can dramatically reduce the amount of energy you use on a daily basis. This article will discuss some of the best systems to use to reduce your energy consumption.

Air Source Heat Pump

An air source heat pump kind of works the opposite way to a fridge. It takes energy out of the air even at very low temperatures. The unit is installed outside your property where it pulls air from the outside environment into your home. As the air is pulled into the unit, it creates heat through a number of clever internal devices, this heat can then be used to heat your radiators providing your home with warm water. It provides all the heat and hot warm for a house, making it extremely efficient and environmentally friendly. It is a very easy system to use, which includes basic thermostats that are located throughout the house, these devices allow you to regulate the temperature in your home. If you’re looking to purchase air source heat pumps in Aberdeen or the surrounding area, there are several top-quality companies in the city who can install this unit in your home.

Cover Windows & Doors

Another affordable way to reduce your energy bills is to cover your doors and windows with plastic film. Experts point out the fact that many homeowners fail to properly secure their windows and doors, and up to 25% of heat loss occurs through poor insulation. The easiest way to prevent this is by covering your windows and doors with plastic film, this keeps your home insulated, helping to trap heat inside. Once heat is trapped inside, you won’t need to constantly higher the thermostat when it gets cold.

Inflatable Chimney Balloon

Most homeowners have probably never heard of an inflatable chimney balloon, but they do exist. If you’ve an open fireplace in your home, chances are a lot of heat is escaping through your chimney. Even when you close the flue, air is still able to make its way out of the vent. The best way of stopping this is to install an inflatable chimney balloon. These devices are very affordable, and they are a great investment in any home.

Use the Sun

Even when it’s cold outside, remember to open the curtain or blinds and let the sun’s rays shine in. They’ll brighten up your home and bring in additional heat, it’s free, so you should take full advantage of them. Keep your curtains or blinds open during the day, especially at the side of your home that directly faces the sun.

There are numerous ways to reduce your energy bills, one of the best ways of doing so is to install an eco-friendly system such as an air source heat pump. They’re an affordable device that can provide heat for your whole house while reducing your utility bills. You should also seal cracks and other areas to reduce heat loss.

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