How to Set Up Temporary Fencing

If you need a temporary fence for a concert, party, or corporate event, you need to search for a professional group that will let you hire a fence for different spans of time. You should hire a professional-grade fence instead of trying to improvise a barrier for several reasons. First, if you need the fence to actually serve as an impediment to people you don’t want to get in, it needs to be sturdy. Also, the fence needs to be safe. When you are hosting clients, employees, or anyone else, you are liable for their safety while you’re there. Therefore, if your fence is unsafe, you could be liable for any kind of danger to which they might be exposed. So you need to choose a professional team that hires high-quality fencing. You then need to consider what sort of accessories you might need.

Stability Accessories

Fencing accessories in Yorkshire come in a few different categories. Typically, there are stability accessories and security accessories. Stability accessories are those that prevent the fence from falling over, which is great for making sure the fence remains where you need it. Also, stability accessories are important to make sure the fence does not fall at all. As stated earlier, you are liable for any kind of damage or injury that might result from a fence that falls over.

Stability accessories are things like stabilising bars that reach from the fence to the ground to buttress the fence. If you are choosing a stabilising bar as a buttress, you need to consider how you affix it to the ground. The most common way to fix a buttress to the ground is with a pin in block, which is a very heavy block that provides extra stability to the fence. Such an accessory is especially useful since temporary fences are lightweight.

Safety Accessories

Safety accessories are those that make the people as well as the fence safer for the venue. For example, if you have a venue with a timber floor, you need something that will keep the fence from scratching up the flooring. The temporary fence normally has metal feet; if you need to protect the floor, you can choose rubber feet. The rubber feet will protect the floor from any damage. They will also add some stability to your fence since rubber feet will provide better traction than metal feet.

Fence clips are another common type of safety accessory. Typically, a temporary fence just fits together with pins that interlock. The pins will hold the fence together, but will not protect against tampering. Anyone can quickly disassemble a fence that’s assembled in this way. Fence clips hold the different sections of fence together with a strong nut and bolt. If you need even more safety for your fence, you can choose an anti-tamper clip. An anti-tamper clip has a special locking mechanism that hides the bolt on the safety clip so that normal tools cannot be used to remove it. Such equipment is the ultimate level of safety.

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