How to Store Apples for a Long Time

Apples can be used for the long term if stored properly. So, to get apples that are always fresh and good, we have tips and ways on how to store apples properly. Follow the tips we provide and you can enjoy fresh apples whenever you want.

The material you need:

Apples, baskets and used newspapers

See how to:

Take good, high-quality apples and just pick up from the tree. There are varieties of apples which slower in harvest (harvest in October). This variety tends to be long lasting because the process of change takes place slowly. There are several durable varieties such as Red Delicious, Winesap, Crispin, Ida Red, Stayman, Turley and Northern Spy.

Check all the apples and separate the bad ones. Apples that are not good for long storage are apples that are bruised, damaged, injured, or spotted. So, only perfect apples can be stored for a longer period.

Next, sort the apples according to their respective sizes. Apples that are larger in size cannot usually be stored for a long time, so you can take a large apple first if you want to use or consume it. You also have to separate apples according to their respective varieties. The variety of fast-ripening apples is grouped separately so that which apples are known to be consumed first and which apples can be stored longer.

The next step, the apples that have been sorted are put into a basket or box. To be more optimal, you should wrap each apple with a newspaper before storing it in a box. This is important for maintaining apple endurance. If there is one that is bad, then another apple can be awake from bacterial infection.

Store your apples in a cool room such as a garage, refrigerator, fruit warehouse, or other cool place. If possible, check the room temperature. A good temperature for storing apples is 30-32 ° F with humidity around 90%. Apples are easily decayed due to freezing if the temperature is below 30 F and tend to mature quickly if the temperature is above 40 F.

Check regularly, if your apple starts to rot, immediately take it and separate it or use your needs.

Tips to know:

Pick apples when they are ripe. If it is too ripe or immature, apples cannot be stored for a long time. Apples that fall from a tree indicate that they are really mature and not good for long storage. So apples that fall from trees can be enjoyed and eaten immediately.

Store your apples as soon as possible after the picking process from the tree. The faster you save it the longer you can save it.

Don’t keep apples close to potatoes or onions. They will absorb the taste and accelerate the ripening of the apples. Your apple will easily cook before its time.

Your apple can sometimes be stored for up to five months, this depends on the variety and the way you store the apple. To find out how long an apple can survive in a basket, you can look at the garden catalog. Take and eat first apples that have a relatively short storage period.

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