How to Use a Bit of Creativity with Your Concrete Pavers

Are you planning on adding some pavers to your yard, but you don’t want them to look like everyone else’s pavers in the neighbourhood? Just because pavers are concrete, it doesn’t mean that they can’t look absolutely beautiful! So keep reading to discover some great tips on how to get a little bit creative with your concrete pavers!

Add Some Accent Stones

Using coloured accent stones you can really add a little life to your concrete pavers! Instead of interlocking your pavers, keep a bit of space between them and fill them with coloured accent stones. This is where you can really use your imagination to create a stunning design!

Build a Platform

Instead of having a plain, old yard, spruce it up with a platform made out of pavers and use it to hold your potted plants! If you’re not sure how to get this done, contact affordable paving contractors in Bristol to help you out.

Shake Things up

No one ever said that pavers always had to be interlocking and uniform. Break up the monotony by trying out the following things:

  • Use irregular shaped pavers
  • Arrange your pavers in a circular pattern
  • Grow plants in between your pavers

Pavers always look great, but they tend to always look the same. Stand out from your neighbours and use your creativity to create a magnificent mandala or a breathtaking design! Your yard will surely end up being the talk of the town, and possibly the inspiration for other people, as well!



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