Including Cultural Themes in Decor Without Going Overboard

Cultural Themes in Decor

In recent years, the practice of imbuing cultural themes into one’s home decor has become very popular. This not-so-fast passing of a trend has ushered into a new world of creative freedom that has spawned new characteristics of decoration, and professions involving decorating homes for a living.

If you’ve been looking forward to including cultural themes in your home decor, then know there are countless choices available. From the African tribal themes to colors of India; from the rich heritage of Asian home decor to the bygone days of Roman civilization, there is no lack of choices available to hold your curiosity.

Cultural themes –things you should keep in mind

One of the important things you must bear in mind while going for cultural ideas is to stay on the minimal side of things instead of going overboard. It’s not very hard to cite examples of a household we all know that has turned from an aesthetically pleasing display of themes to pure crazy.

How did that happen? Well, they went overboard with their choices.

Since cultures vary widely from one another, it’s also important that you do a thorough study of the history and the roots of cultural practices before including their influences in your house decoration. For example, the cultural themes of tribal Africa vary widely from the eclectic mix of calm and serene Asian culture.

Everything from furniture to custom-made wall decorations will determine how decoration presentation turns out to be, so pay attention to every minute detail. If you believe you cannot possibly do the research and decoration work by yourself, consider hiring a professional. Many in the business world, hotels and resorts and even vacation rental villas, such as those at Exceptional Villas in St. Barths have incorporated cultural themes into their décor.  Maybe you could gain some inspiration from a few specially planned vacations instead of spending that money on a consultant.

Tips to not go overboard

If you feel qualified enough to mix and match the decor without professional intervention, then these tips will surely help you stay at the top of your game. However, it’s crucial that you remember that these are general tips and not specific to the cultural decor you choose to explore.

  • Using masks and prop animal skin or figurines can be a good way to imbue a feeling of adventure that people would adore
  • For more relaxed cultural themes, inclusion of editing space is a must to let the guests know that you take cultural values seriously
  • When in doubt always go for neutral colors instead of the bold ones because our intention is to stay on the minimal side of artistic style
  • Buying authentic products, imported from the respected countries will greatly elevate the overall feeling of your home décor
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment; after all, making mistakes is the best way to learn
  • Pay special attention to lighting as the right mix of brightness and shadow will create the illusion of a cultural atmosphere.


Having a culturally themed home is a dream that many of us share, but are afraid to explore either due to financial reasons or simply out of fear of messing up. But if you take the plunge, the results will be more than worth what you had initially hoped.

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