Increase the Light Without the Glare

Photographers, filmmakers, crafters, and many other artists all agree that sunlight is the best light. The reasons for this are many, but mainly, sunlight is great because it is a full-spectrum light source. Incandescent light bulbs favour the warm, reddish side of things. If you are looking at something green under incandescent light, it might look washed out or desaturated. If you look at something blue under incandescent light, it will look more purple than it really might be. This distortion happens because the incandescent bulb is not producing a faithful spectrum of light. Inversely, fluorescent bulbs tend to be a little closer to the cool blue spectrum. The light will appear white, but it actually could have more blue than red in it. Anything you look at under a fluorescent bulb will be slightly bluer than reality. If you need to get as close as possible to a faithful amount of light, you should look for compact fluorescent bulbs that are called “full spectrum.” If you have the opportunity, you should use the true source of full spectrum light: the sun.

Full Spectrum Sunlight

When you are doing crafts or creating something artist, you need to make sure that you see the item as faithfully as possible. That’s why it’s best to use sunlight as your main source of light when you’re working; however, sunlight can create heat and glare that is harsh and uncomfortable. If you are having a hard time seeing your television or computer screen because of a glare, you need to reduce the sunlight so you can see properly. However, you don’t want to actually block the light if you’re using it to work. Lace curtains cut down on the glare in your home while slightly reducing the amount of light coming in.


Glare is caused not by the brightness of the light, but the angle of the light. Light behaves as a particle and a wave, which means that the angle and the wavelength of the light matter. When you put up lightweight curtains, you actually diffuse the waves of light. The glare you see on a screen is the light bouncing directly off the screen and coming back at you. That’s why the glare moves if you move around the room. However, you can block this by diffusing the light with thin curtains. It will be much softer and not as direct. That’s a great way to reduce the glare while also being able to work under full-spectrum light.

Lace is a great choice because it is lightweight and because it is very aesthetically pleasing. It will give your home a timeless look; in the past, lace was used through the Victorian era, the Imperial era in France, the antebellum period in the United States. Lace has remained popular because its intricate detail is admired in curtains and embroidery. It can be complex and delicate without being garish or obtrusive.

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