Inspecting Your Plumbing System


Most of the plumbing system is hidden in your home’s walls and floor, so your plumbing system probably does not cross your mind very often. It is the definition of being out of sight and out of mind. However, when something goes wrong, you notice it immediately. The plumbing problems that can arise tend to involve the pipes.

The pipes are divided into two separate categories: in and out. Problems with one can lead to problems with the other. However, if you know how to locate any signs of a problem, you can call the proper experts before the issue becomes too intrusive.

Problems with Water Coming In

Your home’s water most likely comes from a well or a municipal source. The municipal water supply comes from a water main. If you think you are experiencing water main issues, you will see a few obvious problems.

For example, you will see water pressure problems in multiple drains. The water coming through your kitchen sink will either have a weak flow or be partially obstructed. If either issue is also happening in other fixtures, you need to call plumbers in Warminster.

If it is only happening in the one fixture, you do not have a main problem, but you do have a problem with one pipe. Therefore, you should call an expert.

Problems with Water Going Out

When water swirls down the drain or is flushed down a toilet, the water flows through several different pipes before it is recollected at the main sewer pipe. If you have a single clogged drain, you probably have a physical obstruction in the pipe, such as hair or soap. However, if you have several drains that fail to drain properly, you most likely have a problem with your sewer main. Therefore, you need to call a professional to deal fix the issue, since it is difficult to get to the sewer main.

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