Interior and exterior visualization in 3D

Today it is difficult to see a person who has not heard of numerous computer programs that enable literally to “see the unseen” and “imagine the unimaginable”. We are talking about programs that allow to create and visualize 3D objects of absolutely different spheres of production. All essence of visualization is in the ability to see the future project. These may be: the interior of the house or apartment, exterior, façade of the architectural complex, computer table or individually projected pool.

The work plan is as follows. You, for example, want to make a repair, and want to know what color of the wallpapers and furniture to choose, what will be the lighting, how to install drywall construction to maximize the free space in the apartment and so on. If you are not satisfied with the imagining everything in your head, you have to use the services of 3D visualization of the interior. Thus, you find a company, which does visualization generally, and discuss plans of the project with experienced 3D artist. A person, engaged in 3D visualization, will make the layout in 3DMax program. You will be surprised how realistic the images of the project will be after rendering and finalization in Photoshop – it will be hard to believe that everything, even the smallest details, were designed and created by hand and computer mouse of 3D designer. So, the creation of the project guarantees the identity of all your thoughts to the finished result, for example, on paper. In addition, color solutions, textures of furniture and carpets, lighting placement – everything is easily changed and shifted, if the original idea or design would not be quite successful. If you are already convinced in the usefulness of 3D visualization software of projects, it’s time to find a suitable company. Where to find it? Of course, in the Internet. In the catalogue of trade and business center Condo, there are contacts of many design firms involved in visualization of the projects.

Modern architecture without visualization programs is unthinkable. For visualization of the exterior of any building, the programs to work with 3D objects are applied. Imagine how hard it was for architects in the past. But now, 3D layout of any building, residential or commercial complex can be seen directly in the place where it should actually be, considering surrounding buildings and landscape.

Artist-visualizer is often not just a designer who is able to come up with interesting kinds of furniture, combining colors successfully, possessing coloristic, but it is a person who knows exactly what the customer needs. After all, it is often so difficult to define exactly what we want. Psychologists also advise to visualize your dreams to make them come true. Therefore, this service helps people to think, for example, of changing the appearance of their dwelling to understand what exactly they want.


Build and visualize your bright future already today!

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