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The latest eBook from home insurance providers looks at the summer interior design trends for 2017. From decorating tips to DIY and home safety, the eBook is filled with useful information. If you’d like to be inspired you can view the full eBook here.

This got us thinking; every season new interiors come into fashion, but who has the time or money to redecorate every four months? For this reason, we are taking a look at the most versatile designs.

Simple Shades

Starting with a plain wall colour from light grey to cream will provide you with the perfect backdrop for any interior trend. Adding accessories to the room will ensure you’re up to date and they can be easily replaced when the next season begins.

For example, according to the ‘Interior Inspirations’ eBook one of the most popular designs this summer season is a marble effect. This doesn’t mean the whole room has to be marble but adding some marble accessories will ensure your plain-painted room is bang on trend.

Make Sure You Accessorise

No matter which room you want to bring up-to-date this season, a few well-thought out accessories can be all you need. Switching those yellow cushions for geometric patterns or removing those flowers for a terrarium will update your room.

Rose gold is also popular this season and is a lovely bright shade that goes with virtually any lightly coloured room. For bedrooms, adding rose gold bedding, pictures or a lampshade will brighten up the rainy summer months we’re used to seeing in the UK!

Bring the Outdoors In

Plants are all the rage this summer, bringing the outdoors into your home. If you’re in a small house or an apartment mini succulents in plain pots may be the way to go, or for those in a large home a tall leafy plant like a Yucca or Kentia palm may work best.

This isn’t a style just for the summer; there are plenty of plants for every season. A Polyanthus is a great plant for the winter months. Grow it outside during the summer, and bring it indoors when the weather turns. This will ensure a continual flower for at least another month.

Making it Your Own

Of course it’s great to always be on trend but sometimes you like what you like and there’s nothing wrong with that. No matter where you are you’ll always find inspiration from your surroundings, so make sure you take the time to look.

The guys at Chill have taken a look at Ireland and all it has to offer. From modern properties to traditional homes, Ireland is full of inspiration.

Now you’ve got all you need to create the perfect interiors that will last all year. Make sure you share your designs on social using #InteriorInspirations

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