Is The Roof Over Your Head Healthy

When was the last time that you got up on top of your roof? Due to all of the exposure to the harsh elements, the average roof takes a bit of a beating. This means that over time, it will develop problems such as holes and cracks. It’s always a good idea to get up on the roof at least once a year just to check to see if there are any problems that need some maintenance and repair.

What Happens to a Roof?

All of that sunlight, UV radiation, heat, rainfall, wind, and snow can cause the following sorts of issues:

  • Dislodged roof tiles
  • Cracks and holes
  • Damage to flashing

The result of all of this damage is that rainfall can enter the roof space. When this happens, insulation, electrical wiring, and even wooden roof beams can become damaged. If this happens for too long, the householders will have some pretty expensive repairs to pay for!

Repairing Your Roof

The good news is that Sidcup roofers can evaluate and repair any type of damaged roof. In fact, just ask the average professional roofers about the sort of damage they have had to deal with and they will come up with all sorts of stories about rotting wood, pools of rainwater, and even insect infestations.

The best way to avoid too much damage to the roof is to be vigilant. Get up on the roof at least once a year or call a local roofer to come and have a look.


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