Is Wall Insulation Really Worth the Money

Making sure that your house is properly insulated is very important. Proper insulation around the house could make a huge impact on your utility bills, bringing them down by a significant margin. There’s a marked difference in the temperature inside and outside, since the temperature inside the house is controlled by the heater or the air conditioner. However, if the house is not properly insulated, the air conditioner will have to work for a longer period of time in order to heat or cool the rooms in the house; as you can imagine, this will increase your utility bills by a significant margin.

If there is no cladding or insulation on the walls, a considerable amount of the heat or cold within the house will be able to escape out into the atmosphere. Not only do you need proper wall insulation in the house, but you also need to spend money to get the doors and windows insulated, too. If you have single glazed glass on the walls, you might want to consider switching over to double glazed glass for the doors and in windows.

However, while these are basic measures, the most important thing that you need to do is to get proper wall cladding and insulation. It costs a good deal of money, but it’s definitely worth the value. Here are a few benefits of getting high quality wall cladding and insulation around your property.

Significant Reduction in Energy Bills

The insulation on the walls will start paying dividends within a month or so only. You will notice a sharp reduction in your utility bills, as your air conditioner and heaters will not have to work all the time to maintain the temperature inside. According to one study, approximately 45% of the energy in the house is lost through the walls. With proper insulation, you don’t have to worry about this, which means that your utility bills will probably cut down in half. Basically, the energy that is lost is still being paid for, but isn’t being used at all.

Increases Value of Property

Another major reason why you should go for wall cladding is because it will greatly increase the value of your property, which will prove to be beneficial for people who are probably going to sell their house in the near future. It’s a long term investment that will eventually contribute and make your home more environmentally friendly. You can get wall cladding and insulation done from a number of local companies in your area. Before you hire any company, just ask them for a quote so that you get an estimate regarding the cost of insulation.

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