Is Your Office in Need of an Overhaul

Chances are your office space could do with some improvements, but is it at the stage in which a fresh coat of paint and a few new items of office furniture still won’t change the fact that it isn’t adequate for your needs? Many business owners find that their offices need a major overhaul – an office fitout or refurbishment project that completely transforms the space in terms of appearance and functionality.

If you’re unsure about the extent of the changes that need to be made to your workplace, read on, as what we’ll look at here are factors that highlight the need for major changes to be made to a workplace.

Uninspiring Appearance

A workplace should inspire visitors and fill them with optimism about the quality of the services the business provides. First impressions are very important, so if your current workplace is boring and rather uninspiring, changes to the following may be in order:

The décor and furnishings

The colour schemes used

The carpets and flooring

These are among the first things that visitors to your office space will notice, plus they all have a direct effect on employee satisfaction levels, which in turn, affects employee absenteeism and turnover rates. When you work with a leading London design team like Saracen Interiors, they’ll advise you about the changes that need to be made to your existing workplace to make it more appealing and more inspiring.

Furthermore, you’re also advised to research office aesthetics to gain a comprehensive idea of the options that you have and what you can achieve, not to mention the costs involved in transforming the appearance of your workplace from the ordinary to the extraordinary! If your project is to be successful, you need to plan a budget to work with, a comprehensive one that covers all aspects of the office fitout.

Inadequate Functionality

While the aesthetics of an office space are incredibly important and affect so many areas of business operations, it’s essential to bear in mind that workplaces are still inherently functional spaces. Employee productivity is one of the most talked about aspects of office design, and as you can imagine, employee productivity is directly affected by the functionality of a workspace. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Hold a meeting with your employees to discuss your current layout and their ideas for improving it – Your employees will understand the pros and cons of your current workspace layout better than anyone. Take their ideas and discuss them with the design team you’ve hired for the job.

Research office layouts and get a good understanding of the most important points – There’s so much to consider here, from workplace health and safety issues to the position of workstations so everyone can work in a space illuminated by the natural light that enters the office space.

Evaluate your current furniture and decide whether you’ll keep it or replace it – If you’re going to replace your current furniture you need to take this into account, as if you buy different sized items of furniture you may require a different layout to the one that you’ve been considering.

Functionality is such a crucially important aspect of office design, one that can’t be left to chance in any way. That means it’s something you need to evaluate before you start planning your new workplace and something that you must prioritise when evaluating and discussing different office layout design ideas.

Uncomfortable Furniture

Having furniture that’s uncomfortable isn’t a reason to overhaul the entire office space (furniture can be easily replaced if that’s all that’s required), but if you’ve decided that you need to improve the appearance and the functionality of your office, replacing your old, uncomfortable furniture with brand-new furniture that’s comfortable and looks the part can make a significant difference to the end result. Furthermore, it can also:

Increase employee satisfaction levels and reduce employee absenteeism levels

Reduce the amount of workplace accidents that occur in your office space

Make the workplace a cleaner and more hygienic place for all

The interior design and office fitout team that you work with on your project can advise you on suitable styles and the importance and benefits of ergonomics, and they can also help you make arrangements with furniture suppliers for the provision of new office furniture. However, don’t forget to conduct your own research to ensure you have a good idea of the prices that you should pay. That last point is a very important one to bear in mind because you need to keep an eye on your outgoing costs every step of the way and plan a budget that’s adequate for the size and scope of your office improvement project.

Insufficient Power Points

With most businesses finding themselves increasingly reliant on energy (despite eliminating obsolete items of office equipment such as photocopiers and fax machines), it’s imperative that a workplace has ample power points so that employees can work efficiently, not to mention avoid major workplace health and safety issues due to relying upon the use of multiple power packs.

Many workplace health and safety incidents have occurred because there hasn’t been adequate power points made available to workers, especially when it results in the piggybacking of chargers. This has led to the outbreak of fires, which is obviously something you wouldn’t want to happen in your place of business.

Electricians and other tradespeople will need to be involved if you decide to increase the number of power points in your workplace. This makes insufficient power points a tell-tale sign that it’s time you overhauled your office space and made some much-needed improvements that will make it a more appealing place to work and a more productive workspace in which excellent work is performed, one which is also a safe and secure place for your employees to work and your clients to visit.

If your workplace is uninspiring, in need of new office furniture and more power points, contact a leading interior design and fitout agency and get to work designing a workplace that delivers results.

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