Kitchen Design Errors to Avoid – Essential Planning Strategies

When it comes to design, the kitchen is the most unforgiving room in the house, and many people do not think things through at the design stage, and this can result in a good looking kitchen that isn’t as functional as it could be. If you are considering a kitchen revamp, or are in the process of building your dream home, here are some things to avoid.

  • Forget Functionality – If your kitchen design is based on aesthetics, then it might not be as functional as it should be, and no matter how pleasant the arrangement is, you will regret not spending more time on thinking things through. This is why it is advisable to use a professional design team when planning the kitchen, as they have the working experience to avoid the major pitfalls.

  • Cheap Materials – If your budget is limited is can be very tempting to cut corners, and while you might get away with sub-standard materials in the spare bedroom, the kitchen is a high traffic area that will demand the very best of quality in every aspect. There are some excellent kitchen design companies online, and whether you are looking for kitchen worktops in Dorset, or anywhere else, an online search will help you locate the right company. Taking out a home improvement loan is a much better alternative than compromising quality, and with most companies offering competitive finance, it shouldn’t be difficult to arrange.

  • The Magic Triangle – The basics of kitchen design involve the correct layout of the 3 most important items in the kitchen, which are the fridge, the stove and the sink. If just one of these items is misplaced, it will seriously hamper working effectively, as food preparation demands practicality. Whatever else you do, try to ensure that these items are close together, otherwise the distance you will walk when preparing food will be considerable.

  • Cabinet Positioning – If the kitchen is on the small side, you might be better off with wall mounted cabinets, as they take up less floor space than the floor standing type, and with hand crafted units that are made to measure, every inch of available space will be utilised.

  • Kitchen Islands – One needs to be very careful if you decide to incorporate an island in the kitchen, as insufficient room will cause a bottleneck, especially if you have a large family, and by discussing the possibilities with a professional kitchen designer, you won’t make the error of including an island that is dysfunctional.

  • Consider the Future – You ideally want a kitchen that offers everything in terms of design, so allow for some additions if possible. The right kitchen renovation company would ensure that the design stage is thought through, and with their expertise, you will avoid any costly design errors.

If you want the very best kitchen, consult the professionals who can design the optimum kitchen that will stand the test of time.

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