Table saws are also called as the saw bench which is used for some form of wood works. There are various types of table saws whereas each one is used for different purpose.

Table saws or the thickness planers are the large equipment commonly used for some form of woodworks. With its flexible feature, most of them would like to choose the reliable thickness planers. These saws are basically made up of circular saw blades which are mounted on the arbors and they are driven by the electric motors with the help of gears or belts. The blades then are stuck out within the surface of the table to support the wood being sliced.

There are four different types of table saws. They are as follows:

  • Contractor type
  • Bench top type
  • Cabinet type and
  • Hybrid type

The contractor type table saws are quite larger and heavier, having a stand or a base attachments and wheels. The motors are placed in the rear drives of the saws and its blade through the belt with only 750 to 1500 watts.

Many prefer to use this type of table saws because; it has the standard electrical circuitry that provides sufficient power for running. This is also cheaper than the other types of table saws. However, it is somewhat difficult to clean because of the position of motors in saws rear that entraps most dusts in the pivot area.

The bench top table weighs lighter when compared to other type of saws. This is designed for operation using another support or a table. They have a own drive coming from the general motor. Even a single person can lift this and carry to their job easily.

This is the cheapest table saw and also it is very limited type of table saw. However it is still in fairy price and is adequate for some tasks. This saw has the narrow upper portion which can reduce the width of the stocks.

Hybrid type of table saws is generally intended to compete with the high end contractor table saws. This type offers same advantage with the cabinet to improve the dust collection. This is similar to the cabinet saws, along with the completed enclosure started form the table top onto the floor.  This type of table saws is quite heavier than the contactor saws but lighter than the cabinet saws.

Cabinet saws are quite heavier because it is mainly made up of cast and steel iron; both are responsible to increase the accuracy and to minimize the vibrations. The induction motors ranges from 3 to 5 HP. If you plan to use this type of saw in home, you need to implement a heavy duty circuits.

The motor is generally enclosed inside the cabinet, drive the blades. Since it is little heavier, this is most durable among the four classes of table saws. This also produces less vibration. The angle and the height of the tilt are also adjustable. The maintenance are also easy with improved dust collection.

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