Landscaping For Beginners

As we take the journey through home ownership, there are several stops along the way. If you are like most homeowners, there comes a time when you decide to change the layout of your home either to have better functioning or to simply make things more aesthetically pleasing.

Such is usually the case with landscaping. The last time most of us looked, though, we did not have certified green thumbs or decoration degrees. To help those of us in this category there are a few tips the beginning landscaper should keep in mind.

Make A Blueprint

Everything in life has a way and there is a way to do everything in life. Landscaping is no different. Except that this is one of the rare chances in life you have to make all the decisions yourself, including the decision to call for the professionals, should you get overwhelmed. Your artistic license is the only one that matters. However, wisdom says that jumping into any project without a plan is just asking for disaster.

Take some time, sit down with all the parties involved, and create a blueprint of what you want to accomplish. Keep in mind things like whether or not you need a play area for your children, narrow walkways, and the natural wildlife in your area. Next, make sure to make a list of all the supplies you will need and how much of each will be necessary to finish the task.

Start Small

There are so many things in our day that need to get done and get done right, that sometimes it is tempting to do more than we normally would on a project in order to hurry up and get it out of the way. This, quite often, gives us a false hope for some well needed rest. There will always be something to do. Take baby steps when landscaping.

Refer to your blueprint often and section off small portions of your yard. Complete each section one at a time. Yes, this means that the completed project will take a good while to finish, but it also means that the quality will be better than if you had hurried through it and the overall task will be much less overwhelming.   

Have The Proper Tools For The Job

If you intend to cook a homemade spaghetti meal, it might prove difficult without a skillet, a pot for the noodles, and the proper ingredients. Likewise, landscaping without the proper tools will make your trek next to impossible. You will need gloves, not only to help keep you from getting filthy, but for safety, as well. Between finding an unexpected stinging visitor in a blossom and handling beautiful plants defended by painful thorns, gloves can come in handy.

You should also invest in a hand trowel, rake, hoe, and spade. All of these will help you to safely and efficiently get your plants in the ground and keep the time involved doing it as as low as possible. A common water hose will come in handy for watering your finished product and a wheelbarrow can make light work of any heavy lifting involved.

Recycle To Cut Costs

Every year, you see families everywhere working together to take care of the yard. Mowing every week to two weeks and raking up the fallen leaves in the Autumn months are two commonly needed services of almost any yard. Most of the time, people simply throw out their grass clippings and burn unwanted leaves. To quite a few people, especially in the south, there are not many things that smell better than burning leaves in the Fall.

It’s one of the scents that announce the season every year. However, when you get rid of your grass clippings and burn your dead leaves, you also cut off a great opportunity to save money on fertilizer. Both of these, when spread out in a thin layer across your lawn or in your flower beds, can provide a cheap, natural source of fertilizer.    

Making your house a home is not all about the sheetrock and screws. Take the time and have fun creating a home outside your house, as well.

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