Let Granite do the talking for your Baths and Kitchen

Adored over the millennial for the durability and beauty, Granite was formerly used to craft the Pyramids in Egypt and have hence been the priority material when building countertops and baths. An exclusive stone, most preferred for its texture and appearance, Granite are first quarried from the mountains, shaped according to your preference and is then shipped at your disposal. This dense form of rock, is the most sought after in countertops and baths for being reliable, solid and susceptible to water. Besides doling out the luxury to tint it with any color of your choice, Granites have a boatload of benefits.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

The loved stone of Granite is an igneous rock and possesses a structure of holocrystalline, which means that the crystals in the rock grow and bump into each other instead of growing fully; This result in helping the rock stand the test of time. Giving it a grainy appearance, this process of crystal interlocking bestows the name of Granite to the rock.

In case of chopping vegetable on a granite countertop, your knife will first succumb to the damage before your solid and reliable Granite. Granites are scratch resistant and do not tend to show signs of wearing and tearing until of course you bang a hammer on it. Granite, be it in the kitchen or in the baths, will prove to last long sans any damage.

Doles out a wide-variety of design options to choose from

Formed with a large variety of crystals, Granites vary in color, which in turn is determined by the amount of crystal type present in the rock. The colors mostly seen in Granite are; gray, black, white, orange, pink. Thought occasionally, but you might even find tints of greens and browns in Granites.

Now with so many colors to choose from, isn’t Granite the best option for your countertops and baths? Choose colors according to your home theme and interiors and see the magic of transformation.


The black and white sprinkled gray stone that you first think of when considering a Granite are the most widely available type of the stone. Most interestingly, the colored Granites throw up a look of being ritzy and overpriced but is actually quite affordable. So adorn your countertops and baths with Granite sans the worry of breaking your savings.


The natural properties present in Granite makes it naturally water-resistant, thus making  it the apt material for your baths. Now splash as much water as you like without having to worry about any kind of damage.

Easy To Clean

 You need no hard disinfectant or costly cleaners to clean your Granite countertops. The natural properties of Granite lend it the benefit of being cleaned easily. Use your normal soapy luster or cleaners to clean the granite.

Easy to maintain, durable, water resistant and cost efficient, Granites make up for the perfect baths and countertop material. Granite transformations for Kitchens and Baths in Ottawa is one of the most sought after and renowned: be it for Kitchen Cabinet refacing or glass countertop installation, a mess free remodeling or even for the best solution when it comes to kitchen or bathroom remodeling.

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