Light It Up! 5 Home Improvement Ideas and Projects

One of the most dramatic changes that you can make to any home is to fix the lighting up. So, if you’re thinking about home improvement projects that you can do without too much effort and without too much cost, but will make the biggest difference in the overall vibe of your home environment, then look no further than lights.

Five lighting projects, in particular, will have you working on exterior lights, recessed lighting, installing LED bulbs, working with colored lights, and seeing where backlighting might help to set the mood in different rooms of your house. By going through each of these possibilities, you can make great progress toward having a better looking home with minimal effort.

Exterior Lights

If your house looks amazing during the day, then you probably want to make it look amazing at night as well. And that’s why installing exterior lights is so important. When the sun goes down, if you don’t have any lights shining on the best parts of your home, then no one will appreciate all the effort you put into designing things! Plus, exterior lights help with a lot of security measures, so really it benefits in that realm as well.

Recessed Lighting

If you’ve ever walked into a house and had to shield your eyes because various lighting sources were aimed right at your brain through your retinas, then you know that open lighting can really give you a headache. That’s why putting in recessed lighting has become such a popular DIY home improvement project. The result is much more subtle lighting in the places that you want, along with your overall theme avoiding some of the headaches and eye sores that come with other types of lighting.

LED Bulbs

And if you want to join the low energy revolution while also upgrading your home’s lighting, then buy some LED bulbs and go crazy with the placement of those as well. LED bulbs have a solid spectrum of lighting potential in terms of warmth and softness, they cost far less operate, and they don’t generate all of the heat that incandescent bulbs do either.

Colored Lights

You don’t have to go with just white lights either. There are almost an infinite number of options right now when it comes to colored lighting that can make a huge difference in certain rooms in your house. You can get lots of different interesting types of mood lighting to go in bedrooms, or if you have some sort of art or project room, you can get colored lighting for there as well.


And finally, one of the easiest home improvement things that you can do in terms of lighting is purchase a backlighting system. This will typically go behind your television set or your computer monitor, and makes watching TV much easier on your eyes, as well as making the room look like it was designed more cleanly.

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