Maintaining the Looks and Safety of Your Landscape

Keeping your yard well maintained is not just about aesthetics or kerb appeal, it also concerns safety. For example, if you have several tree limbs drooping precipitously over your home, you need to have them removed to lower the risk of liability. The same holds true for tree limbs that are tangled in power lines. That is why the arborist you choose needs to be an expert in all types of tree trimming services.

Types of Tree Trimming Services

Look for a landscaper and arborist who is an expert in the following:

  • Tree removal
  • Pruning
  • Stump removal and stump grinding
  • Vegetation management
  • Power line clearances

It also is important that the tree arborist in Perth be fully insured and has been practicing arboriculture for a fairly long amount of time. Do not contract services of this type unless the arborist is certified. A certified arborist has the proper equipment and knowledge to ensure that any tree trimming or removal project goes as planned and is done to your specifications.

Stump Grinding

If you have a tree removed, you also want to ask about stump grinding. A stump that is projecting from the ground can cause a person to trip and get injured. In addition, stumps provide just the right habitat for insect infestations. Termites or ants often find that a stump is a good place to take up residence.

An arborist has the right equipment for this type of task. When a stump is ground, a machine grinds the stump so it is no longer a tripping hazard. Stump grinding equipment is available in various sizes to accommodate the location of a stump.

In some instances, you may need to call out an arborist for an emergency. Removing a tree or limbs after a storm is often a necessity. Regardless of their size, storm-damaged or fallen trees can be removed efficiently and fast when you call a professional arborist.

Scheduling an Onsite Visit

Once you contact the service for a quote, a customer service manager will typically respond to schedule a time for an onsite visit. The quote will then be prepared along with the steps for the tree work. If you decide on the service, a date and time will immediately be established. Each time a tree is removed or trimmed, arborists clean up the site and remove the debris from your property.

Trees are beautiful plants. However, they can also be a concern for risk, especially if they are growing too close to power lines or a house. For example, the roots of trees that are positioned too close to a home may interfere with underground pipes. Whether the issue concerns the limbs or roots, a professional arborist can assist you in beautifying your landscape while keeping it safe for visitors and family.

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