Many Benefits of Ready Mix Screed for Floors

You should be more concerned about the quality of your construction project and this should prompt you to use top quality materials and high standard procedures to get the job done. In your best interest, you should only focus on the use of ready mix screed for floors, as it ensures reliability and durability of the project. The screed is prepared from a central plant and it is then delivered to the construction site, unlike the on-site type that is made at the construction site. The ready mix type is custom made too and its preparation is based on the contractor’s requirements. It can be delivered to the construction site in unhardened, plastic or freshly mixed condition and the delivery is usually via cylindrical trucks. What are the outstanding benefits of the ready mix screed for floors?  These benefits will be discussed next in paragraphs below.

Effect on construction time and expenses

Material consumption is reduced when you use ready mix concrete. Aside from being the source of high quality concrete in Surrey, it also reduces how long you have to spend on the construction project.  Additionally, it cuts down on storage and labor costs. In fact, there is almost complete elimination of onsite storage when you use ready mix screed.

Accurate measurement of all the materials used in preparing the readymade screed is done before the process begins, ensuring that construction materials are not wasted. There is also no need for the manual labor associated with the on-site mixed screed, removing the need to employ so many hands for the project. Aside from lessening cost, it also lessens inconveniencies.

Effect on quality

The use of ready mix screed for floors confers assured quality on the construction project. Many construction companies are faced with quality assurance issues whenever on-site mixed screed is used for the project, forcing them to opt rather for the ready mixed option, which delivers assured quality. It is difficult to gauge water-cement ration and aggregate grading when the onsite method is used, unlike when engineers opt for the ready mixed option.  The quality delivered by the ready mixed alterative is constant, making it the better choice.

Effect on the environment

If you need high quality concrete in Surrey that will also not negatively impact the environment, ready mixed concrete is your better option out.  When the ready mixed option is used, cement, aggregates, water and other concrete ingredients are used adequately and they are never wasted. These ingredients will not litter the environment. It is equally easier to reclaim quarries for commercial, recreational and residential purposes. With the use of ready mix screed, all the leftovers can be easily recycled and reused.

There is no better way to get your construction project done than by opting for ready mix screed for floors.  It strengthens the construction and makes it last for long. Cracking, hollowing and such issues are also kept at bay. There will not be any need to rework the construction for years to come. It is also the best to use for all forms of construction works irrespective of its size or location.


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