Modular Scaffolding – A New Generation of Platform Solutions for Small Builders

Modular Scaffolding

The local builder must have a wide range of plant and equipment at his disposal, if he is to complete projects on time, and of all the services he requires, scaffolding is the one that produces the headaches. Once the project is above ground level, the builder is entirely at the mercy of the scaffolder, and any delays can be very costly, with teams of tradesmen waiting around while the scaffolders finish their work. Modern solutions allow a small builder to create the ideal safe working platform using strong aluminium sections that can easily be added to.

Scaffold Towers

This is the latest breed of scaffolding and it can provide a safe working platform from 1.8m to almost 6m, and with a range of widths, one can build a custom design for any environment. Adjustable bases allow for any floor condition, and with lockable wheels, the units can easily be manoeuvred without having to dismantle, which saves no end of time. There are online suppliers of access towers for any job, and with a wide range of platforms, there will be something just right.

Independent Scaffolding

Having a modular scaffolding system effectively frees you from the tie with a scaffolding contractor. No more lorries turning up with the heavy poles and connectors, which is usually followed by hours of inactivity, while the scaffolders do their work, as you can easily erect the towers whenever necessary, and with easy to move units, the work can carry on uninterrupted. Without having to rely on a scaffolder, you are not only having more control, but you also don’t have to pay for the scaffolding hire and erection, as you have your own system.

Builder’s Trestles

Although we have embraced the modular scaffolding, there are times when the good old trestle and scaffold boards will do the job, and with modern trestles, you have lightweight support that is fully adjustable. These used to be heavy and awkward to store, but with galvanised tubing, the units are both light and strong, and are treated to be non-corrosive. Trestles are perfect for ceiling height work and it is very easy to move the units, as you would if you were painting the entire ceiling.

Ladder Accessories

Sometimes a ladder is the best tool to use, and with modern accessories, such as suction feet and ladder stabilisers, working on this type of platform has never been safer. Rubber, non-slip floor mats ensure that the ladder will not move, and lockable wall brackets ensure your ladders are securely stored, either horizontally or vertically. A ladder stand-off bracket will ensure that the ladder itself will not make contact with the wall, which is essential when painting or coating the exterior, and with a roof support hook, you can safely work on roof tiles or clean out guttering.

Modern scaffolding solutions make things much easier for the small builder, and with much more control over the work schedule, he can make sure his projects are finished on schedule by providing safe working platforms to order.

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