Moving Houses: Streamlining the Process

If you will be moving to a new house in the near future, you need to contact professional movers to handle the process. This is especially important if you have certain hard-to-move items. Even if the following items will not be moved, you still need to use professional removalists to help you pack and facilitate your removal. Why increase the stress of a move by doing it all yourself? Professionals have the experience to take care of a removal so that it is performed without any undue disruption.

Moving Houseplants

One of the challenging types of items that are moved by movers are plants. That is it essentially involves moving a large container filled with dirt. If you have some large plants that need to be moved, then you definitely do not want to take on the task yourself. If your plants are currently planted in heavy ceramic pots, you will need to transplant them to lighter containers. Perform this activity several weeks before moving. That way, the plants will have a chance to settle and become acclimated to their new container.

You will also need to make sure that the plants are loaded last if they are transported in a removal truck. Any kind of shifting may cause damage. So, if you are moving plants, they need to be well-secured. If you can transport smaller plants in your car, that may be a better alternative. By taking this approach, you can control the temperature and avoid any of the problems that can occur if plants are placed among boxes and furnishings.

Moving a Piano

If you have a piano, it definitely is one item that is challenging to move. Not only is the instrument hulking and bulky, it also contains intricate parts that can be easily damaged. So, if you do not want to leave your piano behind, you need to call on house movers in Stamford to take care of this specialised removal.

Using professional removalists is the safest and most secure way to move a musical instrument of this size. People who take on the transport of a piano themselves often damage the instrument, not to mention the hallways and doorways that the instrument strikes. Nothing is safe when non-professionals attempt to move a piano.

Moving a Fish Tank

An aquarium is an almost impossible item to move as well, especially when it is large. Not only do you have to move the fragile glass tank, you also have to move its occupants. When you attempt to perform this task yourself, you may find that many of your fish will become casualties. By following a specific protocol, however, you may be able to save your fish.

For example, you need to move the fish still in the tank water, in small bags or containers. Leave some of the water in the tank. Drive the fish yourself to your new residence. Once you arrive at your destination, set up the tank as soon as possible. By working with a professional moving company, you can help ensure the best results, even if you have to move fish, plants, or similar hard-to-move belongings.

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