Planning The Ideal Baby Shower For Mom-to-Be – Here’s How!

Nothing can match the excitement of a mom-to-be and when it comes to planning an ideal party for her and her new bundle of joy, you’ve got to ensure that everything is perfect. Moreover, you have to see to it that the new mommy is beaming with joy!

Speaking of baby showers, anyone could be a part of this celebration including friends, neighbours, relatives and even spouses. But, what is it that you can do so as to make this day a memorable one for both the mom-to-be as well as the guests? Thinking of having a taste testing baby food and smashed up chocolate bars – naahh, that’s too old school! Why not go for something that’s unique in its own way? Here we’ve mentioned a step by step guide to make the baby shower a huge hit and ensure that the expectant mom as well as the guests are glad that you did it.

Decide the date and time

Mostly baby showers are held when the mom-to-be is in her seventh month of pregnancy. Well, this is considered as an ideal time for her because by this month she has already gotten over the complications of the first and second trimester, and feels pretty comfortable to celebrate the happiness of her little one.

That being said, it’s always better to come up with a few dates according to the comfort and medical schedule of the would-be mum. Also, have a word with her friends and relatives regarding the dates and fix the one which is suitable for most or all of them. This way, the mom-to-be and her spouse will have enough time to organise gifts and decide what else is required to welcome their little angel.

Figure out the guest list and fix a budget

Prepare a list of the mom-to-be’s friends, peers and kin who would be a part of the celebration. At the same time, decide the budget so that you can fix the venue and food that’s to be served. After calculating the financial expenses, search for the places that fall within your estimated budget. Take complete detail of the spot including the distance from the residence, number of people that can fit in and available food.

According to the number of people, decide the food items that you would like to serve. If you have a smaller budget, but a lot of attendees are going attend the party, then you’ll need to scale back a bit. However, if there is a nominal difference, then try to adjust it.

Pick up a venue

Now that you have finalised the number of people and calculated the expenses, it’s time to select a place which best meets your requirements and interest. If you are falling short  of funds and have only few visitors, then you can think of hosting the baby shower in the backyard or  living room itself – what better than having a personal touch to a celebration that’s so close to the new mommy’s heart!. Not to mention the amount of money you’ll be saving in your pockets!

Nonetheless, if you have no financial limitations and there are a lot of guests coming in, then consider a nearby hotel or restaurant that has your favourite food items. In addition to this, the arrangement, catering and cleaning would be managed by the hotel department, so you will be free and have more time to enjoy with your friends.

Before finalising the venue, make sure that the place has sufficient AC’s installed and if its winter season, then see to it that the heat resources like radiators, thermostat, etc. are functioning properly and maintained at the right temperature.

Send the invitation card

Once you’re done finalising the date, time and venue, go ahead and start sending the invites. It is always better to send it a few weeks before the function, because that way they will have enough time in hand to make arrangements for the day and shop for a gift.

If you are planning for a casual gathering, then even an email invite is fine, but if you are thinking about a more formal party, then be sure to send them a paper invitation.

Prepare an agenda

Once the venue is decided, visit the place and come up with ways to decorate it in the best possible manner. Depending upon the overall time you have, decide games, gifts opening and other activities that will keep your guests entertained and engaged throughout the celebration.

Give at least 15 to 20 minutes to the guests to arrive and settle down, and then offer them drinks. Once all your guests have arrived, start the already planned activities such as opening of gifts, games and other fun doing.

Make sure that in between these activities, your guests are served enough refreshment. Also, last but not the least – do not forget to capture these golden moments; after all, this is what you’ll be cherishing your entire life! So, there we have it our guide to help you throw the best baby shower to the best mom-to-be!

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