Pond Pumps- Tips on Buying the Right One

Maintaining a pond can be a lot of hassle. As compared to swimming pools, ponds require a lot more regular maintenance and care. If you have a pond on your property, you will regularly need to check the pump and the water levels to ensure that the water isn’t seeping into the surrounding soil. Ponds provide a natural habitat for freshwater fish. You can keep many freshwater fish in your pond, ranging from the German Blue Ram, the Male Betta, the Discus, Killifish, and many others. However, a pond is a self-contained ecosystem. Certain types of fish like to float near the surface of the pond, whereas other kinds of fish actually prefer the bottom.

Maintaining the quality of water in the pond is also very important. If you do not have a pump installed in the pond, it won’t be long before the ammonia levels begin to rise. Eventually, the fish in your pond will start dying off one by one. However, pond pumps are available through many different companies. It can be difficult for a first-time buyer to purchase the right pump without any prior knowledge, especially when considering how many options are available in the market nowadays. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when shopping for pond pumps.


These pumps are mainly used for streams and filtration. The pond filter is generally placed away from the actual pond, with a pipe leading to the filter. The pump is used for pushing water through the pipe and making sure that the filtered water returns back to the pond. These pumps can also be used for creating streams for fountains, water features, and a host of other decorative implements.


Most of the common pumps for the pond are powered by electricity and they tend to feature a twin filter. This not only helps with keeping the water clean, but also provides double the pumping power. There are several other types of pumps available in the market, ranging from very powerful pumps to more standard models that are used in smaller ponds. Selecting the right pump based on your requirements is essential. If you don’t have an idea already, you should get in touch with a sales representative. The sales representative will inform you about the best pump depending upon the size of your pond and your particular set of requirements.


One of the key factors that you should consider when buying a pump is its required maintenance schedule. Most modern pumps nowadays don’t require any sort of maintenance whatsoever. Once you install the pump, it will continue to run smoothly for at least a couple of years.

However, there are certain models that have a bad reputation amongst pond owners. You should check out some online forums in order to get a better idea about the most popular models and the ones that haven’t received good reviews. Checking out reviews of different pumps online before placing an order is generally a wise idea and can save you a considerable amount of money. New pumps also come with a warranty of at least one year for all parts and components of the pump.

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