Preparing Your New Home While Moving – Handy Tips

It’s always good to arrive at your new home and find it ready for you to move in, but unless you get in and prepare it yourself, there’s little chance of you finding it ready and waiting for you. Consequently, it’s important to prepare your new residence in readiness for your arrival while you’re planning the move and moving, so what follows are a few handy tips that will hopefully provide you with food for thought and help you to make your next move a relatively hassle-free experience.

Make a Moving List to Follow

When you have a list of all the things that you need to do to make sure your new home is ready to move into and that every aspect of the move has been covered, you stand a much better chance of achieving your goals. Make a list of all the things that you need to do including, but not limited to:

  • Hiring a removal company to take care of the move for you
  • Switching over your utilities to your new residence
  • Cleaning both properties (current property and new property)

There are so many things to do when moving home and there’s a good chance that you’ll forget something important if you don’t make a list to follow. Be sure to make this list at least a month before you move as you’ll be busy for weeks planning and preparing everything.

Hire a Removal Company

Not only do you have to clean your old home, but you need to clean and prepare your new home as well – that’s a lot for anyone, so make things easier for yourself by hiring a removal company.

Phone around until you get a removals quote in Cambridge that you’re happy with (always shop around to make sure you’re getting a good price) and make the required arrangements with the company. By having someone else take care of the move you’ll have more time to prepare your new home so that it’s sparkling clean and ready for you and your family to move into.

Pick the Right Date

There’s often an overlap with leases, but try to plan the move so that you can move in a day or two after the new lease starts to give yourself time to clean the house or apartment. This way the removal team can bring your possessions into your new home and place them where you direct.

If you have the opportunity to spend two or three days preparing your home, make the most of it, as the more time you have to prepare it, the easier your move will be. What’s more, this will also give you more time to clean your old home, which is something that also needs to be done, though you do have the option of hiring cleaners to do this for you.

To provide yourself with more time to prepare your home while moving, make a list of all the things you need to do (to make sure you don’t forget anything) and hire a reliable local removal company.

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