R22 Can No Longer Be Used to Service Air Conditioning Equipment

Located in the west of England, Gloucester is known for its Romanesque architecture and its historical sites that date back to Roman times. However, the city, albeit historical, still stays current with environmental laws and regulations. That is why the city maintains low levels of pollen and pollution.

What Are HCFCs in Cooling and Refrigeration Equipment?

It is also why the city complies with legislation concerning the use of HCFCs. HCFCs, also referred to as hydrochlorofluorocarbons, represent the ozone-depleting substances (ODS) used in older air conditioning or refrigeration equipment.

The use of HCFCs in new air conditioning equipment was banned in the UK in 2001. Beginning 1 January 2015, the use of HCFCs to service remaining air conditioning equipment was banned as well. Whilst you can still use air conditioning units in Gloucester for cooling purposes, an air conditioning engineer cannot perform any work that entails the refrigerant circuits. According to professional engineers at companies such as Cool-Rite Air Conditioning Ltd, this means that is illegal to use R22 refrigerant to maintain or service your air conditioner.

Two Replacement Alternatives

If you air conditioner fails and it used R22, you must make plans to have your AC equipment replaced. R22, which is a refrigerant gas, is found in air conditioning systems that are over a decade old. Because the refrigerant is an HCFC, it can trigger ozone depletion if it leaks into the atmosphere. Therefore, you have two alternatives available if you need to update a system that currently uses R22.

Who to Consult

Your first choice is to replace the whole AC system as well as the piping. Although you will have to spend more money and experience a short disruption in your daily activities, you will also benefit in several ways. Not only will your system run more efficiently but you will use less energy. By taking this step, you will also lessen the environmental impact of using this kind of AC unit. You can find out more about the advantages of replacement by contacting a company such as Cool-Rite Air Conditioning Limited.

A Lower-Cost Option

You can also opt to replace the unit and leave the current piping and wiring intact. Whilst this type of replacement is not possible for some systems, it can be facilitated for a good many AC units. Some of the primary benefits include increased dependability, reduced operating costs, less disruption, and better performance and efficiency.

You will also spend less for making the upgrade than if you replace the entire system. In addition, by using the infrastructure that is already in place, you will lower waste. CO2 emissions will also be reduced.

Schedule an Upgrade

When you contact an AC contractor about a replacement, the engineer with whom you speak will take all the factors into account and advise you on the best action to take. If you want to stay compliant and do your part for the environment, don’t wait until your air conditioner it breaks down to replace it. Make sure that you schedule a new installation now.

You can save a good deal of money on a new AC system by having a heat pump system installed. The best types of pumps to use for AC purposes are air-to-air heat pumps. These devices collect energy from the atmosphere to cool a property.

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