Reasons to Hire Professional Chimney Sweeps

If your house has a functioning fireplace which you use when the weather turns cool, the chimney needs to be cleaned regularly. Ideally, it should be cleaned and inspected every year if it is used frequently. Although there are ways to clean it yourself, here are some reasons to hire a professional chimney sweep.

Professional Tools

A professional chimney sweep will have the proper tools to get the chimney clean without covering your home in soot and ash. They will cover the area around the fireplace so your home doesn’t get dirty, and will use brushes, vacuums, and other tools to remove creosote from the chimney. In addition, they have the proper tools for getting onto the roof and working safely, which most homeowners do not have.

Knowledgeable Inspections

While chimney sweeps in Kent are cleaning the chimney and fireplace, they will inspect the inside and outside of the chimney to look for problems. The will make sure the chimney stack and flue are properly lined, make sure there is a cap so birds cannot fly or fall into the chimney, and check the masonry for holes which could interfere with venting. Most homeowners will not know what to look for when cleaning their chimney, but an experienced chimney sweep will.

Saves Time

Cleaning out a chimney could take several hours, depending on how much buildup there is in the chimney stack. Instead of spending your day doing something you may not have the proper tools for, hire a chimney sweep service to help you. They can do it much quicker since they have the proper tools, and they can ensure that your chimney is safe to use.

Chimneys which are not properly vented can pose a safety risk to you and your family, so you should hire professionals who can correct any problems they find.

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