Reasons to Revitalise your Fireplace

If you have a home that was built a certain amount of time ago, there’s a good chance you have a fireplace in your home. Your flue likely goes unused because of modern heating techniques that have become popular throughout the world. Electric or gas heating is the most reliable method of heating your home. However, the use of fossil fuels and energy costs have become more prominent in people’s minds lately. Your flue can actually reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce the amount of pollution being created.

Ecological Impact

The ecological impact of heating your home with electric heaters is slightly obscured. When you turn your lights on or your heater turns on, you don’t see all of the fossil fuels that were burned. Fossil fuels are burned in power plants to create electricity. Every time you turn on your heater, you are likely drawing power that was created with a fossil fuel. If you want to reduce your use of fossil fuels, you should invest in cleaning your flue and making it operational.

Chimney sweeps in West Wickham can restore your flue to its best working order.

Reducing Waste

In addition to reducing the amount of fossil fuels being consumed, your chimney sweep can help you reduce the amount of waste you create. You are throwing away flammable materials such as your newspapers, but they could be used to kindle the fire in your flue. Furthermore, burned items can be used in your compost pile. They’re not much use in your rubbish bin, but they could be turned into something useful in your compost.

You should work with a professional to get your chimney as clean as possible so that you can start using it and reduce the amount of carbon you are contributing to the atmosphere.


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