Reasons Why You May Have Problems Locking Your Door

If you are having problems locking your door or turning the lock, the cause may be due to one of a variety of reasons. For example, if your door is wooden, sometimes the door or frame is warped. Warping can prevent the locking points from engaging.

Do You Find it Difficult to Turn Your Key?

If your key is difficult to turn, do not force the key. Forcing the key may lead to it breaking inside the cylinder. Trying to force the key out of the lock is also a mistake as the key can end up snapping inside the lock. If you do need to pull out the key, try to do so directly rather than twisting it.

If the lock is faulty, then the internal mechanism may be worn or broken. Fortunately, locksmiths in Kent carry the needed replacement parts to make a repair. All locks are fitted to British Standard to meet insurance requirements.

If a door easily locks whilst in an open position, the problem is an adjustment issue. However, if the lock proves to be difficult to operate when the door is open, then the issue is usually mechanical in nature and the door requires replacement parts.

Dropped uPVC Doors

A dropped door is sometimes an issue when it is made of uPVC. When this happens, the locking points and keeps become misaligned. As a result, the door becomes difficult to open. Because uPVC doors are made to be fully adjustable, this type of problem can be quickly solved by a locksmith professional.

If the key cylinder fails on your uPVC door, then a locksmith can easily replace the part and provide new keys without having to replace the full mechanism of the door. Should the full-length mechanism be faulty, the locksmith may only need to replace the centre lockcase, which is known as the gearbox.

If you are having a door opening or locking problem, it may only require a simple repair. Whilst replacing a full mechanism may cost more, it may be unavoidable in certain scenarios.


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