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There is nothing easier on the eye, and more comfortable, than to spend a day relaxing in a cabin with rustic decor. The emphasis of rustic style is on natural, rugged beauty, and it can be achieved by embracing earth tones and simple colors, which give off an organic warmth. There are many decorative choices available that will delight your family and friends. Whether you’re looking for log furniture, rustic wall art, sculptures, throw pillows or rocking chairs, here is a list of ideas that are bound to please the rustic style lover:

  • Wide wooden plank floors – Floors that have a solid, simple appearance provide a perfect foundation for your rustic furniture choices
  • A fireplace – Not just any fireplace, but one made with natural elements like stone, brick, or rock, with an accompanying thick mantel will attract the eye and keep the body warm all through those cold winter evenings
  • Wood paneled walls – Paneling made from hardwood or from antique reclaimed wood can create a wonderful atmosphere. Barn wood siding is another excellent choice for ceiling or wall paneling
  • Large, chunky furniture in a neutral color palette – A rustic decor can be easily achieved if you stick with nature’s hues. Think log furniture – a fabulous log bed featuring wooden inserts of animals or trees made from creamy white knotty pine logs that are lacquer finished. Or a farmer’s bench and table set, handcrafted from white cedar, that you can either seal, stain, or leave unfinished according to your taste
  • Decorate with either real or faux animal skins – Imagine an area rug made of real or faux cowhide, which would look great either on your floor or used as a wall hanging
  • Animal decor – There are enormous possibilities here. Think old fashioned wooden signs with a rustic bear, deer, moose or beaver painted on it. Or how about a black bear sculpture, antler photo frames, a welcome sign made out of deer antlers, or a fan pull made out of a faux largemouth bass? Other charming rustic decor includes a trash can decorated with fish, a shower curtain decorated with printed fishing lures, a toilet paper holder made out of a standing mallard, or wall decorations consisting of wooden clocks, canvas art, or vintage tin signs
  • Solid, natural fabrics – Decorate with natural colored burlap, wool, canvas or linen. Custom rustic bedspreads, futon covers, and custom pillows will all add a warm note to your rooms
  • Woven baskets are a natural choice to organize miscellaneous items. Have a basket to hold remote controls on the coffee table, or have a basket filled with logs on your fireplace hearth. Baskets can also serve as trash cans and have hundreds of uses in the kitchen

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