Safety Tops Priority List for Groundwork Contractors

Every successful building project begins with a firm foundation, and the stability of that foundation is determined by expert groundwork. Contractors and developers depend on companies that can deliver under the most demanding conditions. When builders and designers return to the same professionals time after time, the message is clear.

Special Services

Not only do these groundwork specialists ensure top quality in foundations, basements, ground stabilisation, drainage, road construction, and landscaping, but they deliver on budget and on time. If the work involves domestic and residential projects, these same leading providers also specialise in house foundations, soil moving, grading, concrete walls and yards, drainage and sewage installation, and both hard and soft landscaping.

Experienced and knowledgeable employees are the primary reasons for success in this competitive field. Staff members who work with Kent excavation and groundwork contractors are fully certified, trained, and insured, so the developer or contractor can proceed with their work without concern. Each task receives the same personal attention, using a cooperative method of their own design system and the input of engineers with experience in shoring and structure support.

Complex Projects

Health and safety are always of primary importance in the jobs undertaken by these top firms. It is essential to make sure that there is a smooth transition between existing works and new works when the tasks involve refurbishment and temporary work. The concern is not only for workers and employees but also for anyone else who may be affected by the location after the work is complete.

One of the fundamental elements of all work in this industry involves assessment of risk and a clear statement of methods to be used. At times, these steps lead to on-site training to ensure the safety and health of all individuals involved. Inspection and reporting are always part of a complete project, and are submitted to a health and safety officer for review. When quality groundwork is the job, details are of primary importance.


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