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Over the past few years, the popularity of sectional garage doors has risen considerably. Many homeowners are now choosing sectional garage doors over single panel garage doors for a variety of reasons. As the name suggests, a single panel garage door is a standard, single slab that slides into the designated space when the garage door is opened or closed. It’s made from one wooden panel, and though they occupy the same amount of space as a sectional door, both of them function quite differently. Instead of being fitted on overhead tracks, these garage door systems are fitted on an immensely sturdy hinge system.

However, while they may cost slightly less than sectional garage door systems, single panel door systems are still not as popular as sectional ones. Sectional garage doors in Nottingham are in high demand, with many local homeowners switching out their single panel garage doors with sectional variants. Here are some of the many reasons why sectional door systems are a popular choice.

Safety Reasons

As mentioned above, single panel garage door systems use a hinge system. To allow for swift movement, extension springs are installed on the doors. However, if you do not properly maintain the springs, they are likely to fail drastically. There have been cases where extension springs have flown off when they were not properly maintained and found lodged in the drywall. There have even been reports of rusted springs breaking off and smashing into car windows. On the other hand, sectional garage door systems do not use extension springs at all. They are loaded onto defined tracks, so the chances of the gate falling down or the springs crashing are negligible.


Newer homes are designed with space considerations in mind, especially in communities with smaller houses. Due to the tightly-packed nature of the construction, there’s limited space in the garage. The single panel garage door requires a few extra feet to tilt and then roll up. This means that before opening the gate, you will need to park slightly further back and wait for the door to open before you can park inside. If you have a limited-sized driveway, the best option would be to choose a sectional garage door system.

Environmental Elements

While the single panel garage door is capable of handling a bit of abuse from the weather, it fades into comparison with the sectional garage door. When a single panel garage door falls, the entire door comes down at once. This could damage your car. The sectional garage door isn’t much of a problem because it might get dented or may even get completely crushed, but only in a particular section. You don’t have to worry about the entire door coming down at once.

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