Security and Appearance: Available in One Security Door

Security Door

Maybe the most important question to ask when you’re looking for new doors is actually two questions. First, can I get a door that lives up to the word “security”? The answer is yes. Second, can I get a door that I will be proud to show to guests? The answer, again, is yes.

Then you have to ask the all-important third question, “Can I get both in one door?” Yes, you can.

You can purchase decorative doors that also are extremely durable in an array of styles. They’re made with extruded aluminium frames and die-cast gravity aluminium. With a long-wearing powder coating in one of the many beautiful colours, you’ll have everything that you need in one door. You can also select steel doors with welded construction in tubular steel or solid steel.

Several Options

You can learn a lot about fine security doors in Melbourne when you visit the website of a trusted, well-known supplier. But you should also talk to a member of the team about options such as three-point locking systems, chrome or brass handles, pet entry doors, and hot-dip galvanising to get that extra level of protection.

If you’re interested in steel doors, be sure that you ask about single-point deadlock, powder coating over a zinc-plated surface, and, as with aluminium doors, a range of colours to choose from. You’ll want to discuss the four door types in the security door category. The list includes aluminium with flyscreen, extra privacy doors, decorative security doors, and heavy-duty steel doors.

There are many door styles and choosing the right design can sometimes be confusing. When you discuss your specific requirements with a representative, you’d be wise to rely on the decades of experience on offer. They’ll have recommendations and advice that will help you reach the solution to your door needs. For example, aluminium doors are a popular choice when absolute security is not the priority. This is a good choice for families with young children, thanks to lighter weight. But you still get the protection that you need.

Extra Protection

Many people choose extra privacy doors with mesh that delivers the best privacy. You receive excellent overall security and the interior view of the home is significantly restricted. This special mesh allows you to see outside well but the vision of those looking in is reduced, giving you the peace of mind that you need for your domestic setting.

You may prefer heavy-duty steel security doors, delivering all the protection you will need. But don’t let the idea of “heavy-duty” mislead you. You can choose from a wide range of patterns, including the Heritage collection that brings to mind the attractive doors of years past. Yet they provide the ultimate in safety for your home or office.


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