Signs Your Gas Cooker Is on the Way Out

Gass burner

Raising a family with big appetites can be difficult if your gas cooker is no longer working or is causing you trouble. Without something with which to cook meals, many homeowners spend far too much hard-earned money going out rather than spending time in their home. To help keep your money where it belongs, in your wallet, the best thing to do is to call on a professional for gas cooker repairs after a breakdown.

Burners Non-functional

One of the more obvious signs of a problem can be discovered fairly easily, and that is by simply trying to use all of your burners. If one or more simply will not light, it may be time for you to call on Hampshire gas installers for an assessment on your cooker and to determine whether you need simple repairs or a new installation. The assessment should not take much of your day, and you can trust the professionals to provide a cost-effective solution to your problem, regardless of the assessment’s outcome.

Gas Odour

This is not only a serious problem; it is also highly dangerous. The moment you begin smelling gas in your home, immediately open all windows and allow the home to air out before attempting to light your pilot light. If you own a newer model without a pilot light, you should immediately stop using the cooker and call on a professional for repairs.

Uneven Cooking

Finally, it could be that you take a meal out of the oven only to find that the bottom is burned and the top is still raw. This is a clear indication that your gas cooker’s upper broiling element is no longer working, or, if the reverse is true, that the baking element is faulty. Either issue will require repairs or replacement before you can regain control of your cooker, especially if you plan to cook a large meal quite soon.

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