Skip Hire: Where Do I Start

Most home improvement jobs produce some amount of waste. If it’s small in nature, you may be able to take care of the cleanup yourself but what do you when it’s just too much for your home’s rubbish bin?

If you’re experiencing this type of issue, you’ll want to call a cheap skip hire in Leicestershire.

What Size Skip to Rent?

One of the most commonly asked questions in regards to skip hire is what size to get. The size of skip that you hire will vary directly with how much rubbish you need to rid from your property. If you’re looking to save money and time, it’s recommended to hire a skip that is just slightly larger than what you think you will need rather than hiring one that is much too small and then having to go through the process of ordering a second. Most importantly to remember, it is actually illegal to overload skips.

Mini skips often have a capacity of one to two cubic yards and hold anywhere from 25 to 35 black trash bags. This is recommended for garden jobs and small amounts of household waste.

Midi skips are great for larger garden jobs, some commercial waste, and mid-sized household waste. Their capacity is three to four cubic yards and they hold from 35 to 45 black trash bags.

A builder’s skip is recommended for larger home improvement and construction-type jobs. These skips often hold between six and eight cubic yards and anywhere from 65 to 85 black trash bags.

Although different companies will have different sizing and pricing, these are the most common sizes that you will need. Your skip company will be able to talk you about larger skip capacities, covered skips, and other various add-ons.

Skip Hire Permits

Depending on your location, your local council may require a permit before you can transport your skip. Some councils place this burden on the actual skip hire service, which will save you additional time and trouble. If this is the case, you’ll want to make sure that the skip company holds a current and valid permit as well as the correct insurance. Most permits only last for up to two weeks.

You’ll also need to know other regulations, such as where your skip can be located. There might be laws against keeping it on the street, in your driveway, or in your yard. Skip companies are usually knowledgeable in this area and have solutions if you can’t locate your skip where you need it to be.

Skip hire can be an important part of your home renovation or construction project. Most people don’t consider when they start a home project that they will generate as much waste as they do. When this happens, skip hire is here to help out, giving you a convenient way to haul larger amounts of waste cleanly and effectively away from your home. In order to get the most affordable skip hire, shop around for the best deal and compare prices.

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