Staying In-Style When Decorating a College Dorm Room

When your kids are heading off to college, they need to be able to bring their individual style to their dorm room space. Staying trendy is important to some students, so shopping for modern furniture Cincinnati will help them fit in with others with like design styles. Putting together a fun, modern look is rather easy. Below you’ll find some examples to help your student’s college dorm room look fresh and modern.


Storage is important since a dorm room is small. You’ll want to use creative storage that can also double as seating as often as possible. Your college buddies won’t mind sitting on a cushioned storage cube, which are also stackable when you don’t have company, to visit. Also, take advantage of wall storage options like shelves. Use closet organizers as often as possible so that you have some space left to store extra items.


You don’t have much room for seating in a college dorm room. Stackable chairs that are a sleek, modern design are ideal. If you are lucky enough to not have roommates, consider a futon. It works as seating and an extra bed should a friend want to crash in your room if they’re having issues with their roommate.

Choose an ergonomic desk chair to fit your dorm room desk and modern theme. These help support your back, neck and legs so that you can manage long nights of studying better.


Something new and fun is acrylic lighting. Most use LED light bulbs that emit a bright, natural looking light. LEDs rarely need replacing as most last 25 years. An acrylic desk lamp or side table lamp doesn’t take up much space either. For floor lamps, consider one with adjustable lights on it. This way, you’ll be able to illuminate the whole room from one source. Modernly designed floor lamps are made to cater to a multitude of design styles, from feminine to industrial-modern.


It is a good idea to use décor and accessories that you will use in your home after college. For instance, lamps, bedspreads and window treatments are all items that can be costly, so purchase a design that you can incorporate into your own space after graduation. This helps you get the most bang for your buck.

Wall Décor

Simple color splash paintings and metal/industrial are great touches to college dorm rooms. Try to stay away from educational or literature-themed wall decor, as it can be overwhelming with the “education” theme. Simple art with clean lines, such as geometric designs are also ideal as they help promote productivity and creativity.

Closing Thoughts

You only have so much room in a college dorm space, so get creative and make the most of every inch of the space that is yours. Create a budget and price shop, because you can create a great modern and trendy dorm space design even with a small budget. It also helps to pick one color to start with and build from that color to create a proper design scheme with one or two complementing colors.

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