The 5 simple ways to boost the resale value of the house that you own

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When it comes to owning a house that you can call your own, you intend to make it just the way you want it to be. Everything matches to your taste and liking and the end result is something that you are comfortable with. At the time of constructing the house, you had made sure that every aspect of the house is strong enough to withstand changing weather conditions and other natural factors but with time, things tend to deteriorate in quality and there is the decrease in longevity when the house isn’t maintained from time to time.

It is said that frequent renovation to the house allows it to stay strong along with giving you the feeling of living in a new house with better amenities. It makes your house appealing to the eyes of visitors and eventually increasing the value of the house without putting in much of an effort. The value of the house isn’t always enhanced by the presence of expensive additions to the house but a simple and inexpensive change can make things feel expensive.

Here are five ways that can help you boost the value of the house without renovating it drastically.

  • Re-grout the tiled areas of the house – Tiles are known to bring about that classy look to the house where its non-skidding quality makes it a preferred choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Even though the tiled floors are cleaned regularly, the grouts tend to accumulate dirt, mold, and fungi in its surface, as they are porous in nature. It often lends a dull look to the room where it is installed and re-grouting them can be a great option rather than breaking the existing tiles and replacing them with the new. Re-grouting the tiles allows it to get back its sheen only when you do so after cleaning the existing dirt well with a high-quality grouting cleaner.

“Re-grout, and give your tiled area that brand new look again at an affordable price,” says Andrew Marsh, a tradesman who has been in the business of regrouting tiles in Sydney for over a decade.

  • Upgrade bathroom accessories – While the bathroom is one of the most private areas of the house, bringing about a change to the way it looks allow you to spend a comfortable time while you are freshening up with the help of accessories that don’t pinch your pocket much.
  • Lay synthetic turf – While synthetic grass makes your lawn look green all year round, you are likely to increase the value of your house as it is something soothing to the eye of the one looking at it. There is no maintenance involved with its installation and it is an investment that you make once and not replace it over and over again.
  • Install carpets on the floors – Carpet covered floors are known to make the room warm and cozy to live in. Even though it attracts dust and dirt on them, regular cleaning and vacuuming can add a great look to your house while increasing its resale value.
  • Automate your garage door – With an automated garage door, you get to attract eyeballs to it when there are people wanting to come over and purchase your house. It looks classy without putting in a manual effort. According to a specialist from A1 Automate “A garage door replacement affects the first impression of your house and adds value when selling it.”

Opt for these tips and watch your house receive a better look without putting much of an effort and availing a better value for the house when you sell it.

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