The Benefits of Using a Storage Company

Storage Company

Companies offering removals and storage services are nothing new. The business model has been around for a while as they’re a great way to keep safe items that you just can’t find the room for or you to need to store for a limited amount of time. What has increased is the amount of people making use of these services as they are convenient for those who run businesses or who find themselves moving house often.

If you’re interested in how a storage company could benefit you, keep reading to learn more.

Moving Home

Those who rent or even those who own property may often find themselves having to move frequently. Once you’ve amassed a considerable amount of furniture, finding a new home that can accommodate it all can often be difficult.

For this reason, people in this position often make use of a removals and storage company. It is possible to book a removals van which takes some of your furniture and belongings to your new property but relocates the rest of it into secure storage until you need it again.

Running a Business

If the business you run deals in large quantities of inventory, it can be difficult finding the right amount of space to house it all. Hiring a commercial premise can often be overkill, not to mention costly. In these cases, business owners often make use of storage unit until they have sold all of their current stock.

This works well for small boxed items but can work just as well for larger items of furniture or whatever else your business is involved in.

High Security Storage

What you will always find is that any company offering storage solutions is going to have security and the safety of your belongings at the forefront of their operation.

These premises are often manned 24 hours in conjunction with widespread CCTV coverage. If that wasn’t enough, each individual unit will come with its own security door or shutter, leaving you to supply the padlock of your choice.

Cost Effective Storage

Many customers are attracted to storage units’ due to their cost. Depending on the size of unit required, costs can be as little as £10 per week.

In addition, long term storage requirements will often attract a lower rate for all those customers who have had to relocate overseas and couldn’t bring all of their belongings with them.

Finding a Storage Company

Due to the success of the business model, you will find companies offering storage and removal services all over the UK. There are several storage companies in York and the North-East so it’s simply a matter of searching online to find one offering the services you require. If for example you require 24 hour access, simply find one offering self-storage where you can come and go as you please. Access to the facility will usually be granted via an electronic control panel so all you will need is the key to your storage unit.

The benefits are clear to see. Both your short and long-term storage requirements can be solved by the right storage company.

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