The Complete Set of Information You Need to Share with Your Water Company while Moving Houses

If you’re a tenant and are looking for a new property to move in, you need to understand the fact that depending upon your tenancy contract, your water bills can look very different from the previous one. For instance, in some of the buildings, landlords receive the water bill and divide the amount equally among all the tenants living there; whereas, in other cases, there might be a sub meter option used by the landlord and you will be charged based on your usage. While, there are also some cases where your water bill will be already added in your monthly rental amount and you won’t have to pay any extra amount apart from that.

 This page will give you an insight into the information you need to share with your water company while moving homes:

 Inform your company about your moving date so they can update it in their system and you won’t be held responsible for the water usage on your old property from that particular date onwards.

If you’ve got a water meter installed at your property, make sure to contact and inform your water utility company at least five days in advance, so they can arrange the final water meter reading at your old property. You can reach their team directly at Thames Water Contact Number.

After moving to the new house, make sure to call and inform your new water company about your move. In case, you still have the connection from your old water company, call them to inform about the change in address and get it updated on their records, so you won’t miss any of your bills and bill payments.

In case, you already have a meter installed in your new home, you should note down the reading, the moment you enter into the new house to avoid any wrong bills or confusions later on.

Sanitation and Sewerage charges are also equally important part of your water bills. Hence, make sure to confirm if the sewerage services are provided by the same water company you’re using or is it being provided by a different company.  If it’s a different company, you might receive a separate bill from them or else, your water company might include sewerage charges on your water bill on behalf of the sewerage company.

 You can get in-detailed information about this by getting in touch with them directly at Thames Water Contact Number.

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