The Different Types of Water Purifiers

Are you sure that the water straight from your tap is safe to drink? According to studies, 94% of the drinking water is contaminated with plastic. It means whether we try to stay safe when we always use plastic containers for our water we are still unsafe. But there is a way to find out the best water purifier for Malaysian homes.

Clean drinking water is a necessity to ensure hygiene and good health. But we can’t ensure that we have clean tap water available at home and the office. There are different methods of how water purification is done. All of them has different levels of purities. Purification is a process to remove the parasites and other harmful contaminants in the water that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

There are different methods of purification and here are some of them that is proven very effective.

  1. Distillation – Distillation is a known method of water purification that involves heating, boiling, and condensation. The vapor is collected and becomes purified water. This method can eliminate a wide range of contaminants in the water.

  1. Ion Exchange – Another effective purification technique that involves the exchange of ions. This process helps to dissolve inorganic compounds present in the water.

  1. Carbon Adsorption – The famous method for water purification and mostly used in filter treatment. It can purify water and eliminate the odor, taste, and chlorine present in water. It can help remove microorganism and gases and chemicals in water.

  1. Microporous Basic Filtration – As the name implies, it involves the basic filtration. It is composed of 3 different filters – screen filter, depth filters and the surface filters. This method is effective in the removal of microorganisms and pyrogens.

If there are different methods of water purification, but not all of these methods are applicable for the water purifiers that we can use at home or the office. Here are the different types of water purifiers that we can use.

1.        Gravity-based Water Purifier

This type of purifier uses a simple technology. It uses the concept of pressure and uses the difference in pressure to purify the water. The water moves from a higher chamber to a lower chamber. The chambers have filters to kill germs and viruses, filter dust, and filter dissolved salts.

2.        Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

The reverse osmosis is the most effective type of water purifiers. It is most useful to places that are constantly exposed to heavy metals. It can eliminate harmful metals from the water.

3.        UV Water Purifier

This purifier uses ultraviolet purification in cleaning the can kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. This is also one of the efficient water purifying methods.

4.        UF Water Purifier

The UF Water purifier uses ultrafiltration membrane to purify the water. It can eliminate the germs contained in the water, bacteria, and dirt. It can also eliminate dissolved salts that pass through the UF membranes.

5.        Multi-Stage Water Purifier

The multi-stage water purifier or also known as the universal water purification. It involves the combination of different water purification technologies. It can use different combinations of the purification methods such as Reverse osmosis and UV purifiers, RO +UV+UF purifiers, Pre-post activated carbon that can be used to absorb toxic organic chemicals like pesticides.

Choosing the right water purifier is important. The efficiency of the water purification depends on what kind contaminants are in the water.

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