The Different Uses For Water From Tanks

You might want a change from using water from the tap. You can switch to storing water in an outside tank. This water is going to come from rainfall, which is advantageous for a number of different reasons:

  • You use less water from the tap
  • You spend less money on your watering bill every month
  • You can circumvent problems with the plumbing

There are lots of different uses for water from a tank. You can get a quote from an installation company when you find the type of tank which is going to be suitable for your needs.

There are several different uses for a water tank that has been installed in the back garden.

The Water Can Be Used To Make The Garden Grow

The water in the rainwater tanks in SA can be used in the garden, which is much more environmentally friendly than turning the taps on all of the time. You can connect the rainwater tub to a sprinkler system.

Whenever you would like to have the garden watered, all you have to do is turn on the sprinkler system. The water will drain from the tank and it will run through the connecting pipes. Every area of the garden is going to be quenched by the water.

The Water Can Be Used To Help The Plants Inside The House Grow

You do not need to use any tap water when you would like to give the plants inside your house something to drink. Instead, you can fill up a watering can from the tank outside your house. This is going to save on tap water so that your utility bills are kept low.

The Water Can Be Used For Pets In The House

Your pets do not necessarily have to drink completely fresh water all the time. You can fill some containers from the rainwater tank, and this can be used to give your pets a refreshing drink whenever they need one.

The Water Can Be Used For Doing The Dishes

Running the dishwasher after a meal can be extremely convenient because it saves you a large amount of time. However, this machine also uses up quite a lot of water in a short space of time. You could fill up a container with rainwater from the tank and mix this with some washing up liquid in your sink.

Then the dishes are going to be cleaned with a renewable water source.

The Water Can Be Used For Washing In

When you live in a part of the country where water is relatively scarce, then washing with an electric shower might not be preferable. Instead, you can fill up the tub with some rainwater and use that for your washing.


You do not need to use water from the tap for a lot of tasks that you take for granted. The rainwater is going to reduce your overall carbon footprint quite a lot.


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