The Home Improvement Wish List: What all Homeowners Want

No matter how happy someone is with their home, when you ask them what they would love to have improved about it they always have ideas. Here are some of the home improvements that top s homeowner’s list.

A Really Cool Backyard

High on every homeowner’s wish list is a back yard that is functional for entertaining and having an enjoyable time with the family. Unfortunately most people rarely use their backyards for more than an occasional sitting area of for storage. The summer months go by with this are completely unused and during the winter, it is rarely even looked.

There are many wonderful things that can be done with a backyard including creating a timber deck or patio. There are many fantastic timber patio ideas that can create a wonderful space for you and your guests to sit and enjoy the outdoors. You can serve meals on your patio and use it for other family functions. Timber decking can be placed around a pool to make a great seating area. Treated pine decking can withstand the elements and will serve your family well for many years.

Additionally you can add landscaping. A professional company can make you a plan that takes advantage of the shape and size of your backyard providing one or several areas that are shaped by the foliage they plant. Consider a barbecue and even a fire pit for those cold winter months. In the end you will have a new favorite place in your home.

Extra Bedroom

Adding extra square footage to a home is always a smart idea because it brings up the value of the home and gives your family more space to move around. Adding an extra bedroom is sometimes as much of a necessity as anything else if you have a growing family or a relative that wants to come and stay for a while.

Building an extra bedroom can be quite a construction job and you need to interview contractors to determine who meets both your budget and delivers the quality you expect. Take a look at their previous work and if you can talk with some of their former clients about their work ethic, delivery time and if they stayed within budget. Finally, if the build out requires them doing serious construction prepare your family for the inconvenience so they are not too upset by the noise and life changes in-home construction can demand.

An Extra Bathroom

If you own an older home chances are you have a small amount of bathrooms in your home. This may have been fine when it was just you and the wife, but with a growing family, you need at least one more so you can get some time to do the personal grooming you need. Also you may want to have a bathroom sanctuary where you can just relax in a big tub. For these reasons adding an additional bathrooms is a popular wish list item for homeowners.

Adding a bathroom can involve a good amount of construction and you will again need a reputable contractor to get the job done. Really plan out the job so you know exactly what you are getting. The most desired bathroom by homeowners is an en-suite in the master bedroom. Here a homeowner can create their dream bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub and a shower that features a range of amenities. The added benefit is that this upgrade also adds value to your home.

Remember that taking on construction requires planning and budgeting before you begin Take your time and do your research and in the end you will have a wonderful new area of your home.

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