The Importance Of Footings And Foundations

The foundations of a building  and the building footings are incredibly crucial to any building structure and when a new home or office building is to be constructed, there are many questions about them due to their cost and time consumption. People don’t see them when their house is completed, so they don’t understand the work that goes into creating them.  However, they are both vitally important if your building is to stay up and you don’t want to be making repeated repairs at great expense.

The Real Strength.

The foundation of any building is what acts as the connection point between the walls and the footing. You will often see it as the basement in your house or the crawl space wall under it and it secures itself to the foundation. The foundation then attaches to the footing and this is the real strength of any building. When designing footing, it needs to be specific to the particular building under construction and it stops the foundation and for that matter, your building from sinking. Raft foundations are a perfect example of this and if your ground is soft and you worry about it, then contact Cannon Piling who have many years experience in the UK and the South East and will give the best advice and provide the best service.

Preparation Is Key.

The site preparation and the building must be budgeted for and people forget that. Unless you are getting a company to do it all, like the company mentioned previously, then you are going to have to deal with separate companies. The foundation and footing are hugely important to the project and so it needs a lot of attention given to it. The type of soil you have, the amount of moisture in it and its stability are much different for every site and occasionally they are even different on the exact same site. You need expert engineers who understand structural stability, so look for a company who can provide you with these.

Don’t Cut Corners.

It’s so important to not scrimp on the budget for this very important process and if necessary, take soil samples and get them analysed. There is no real way of knowing how much the footing and foundations will cost as you can only judge them in the phases of building. If your foundation or footing is not up to par then expect the building to accrue damage in the form of water damage, walls shifting and causing cracks or the worst case scenario, the total failing of your footing and foundation. As stated, spending money on your investment is smart as I am sure you want your building to be still standing after many decades.

Protect Your Investment.

You may need initial investigations regarding the type of soil, moisture and its stability, expert design advice and specific construction, but it will save you a lot of expense because if you don’t do it right, then expect long-term maintenance costs due to a weakened structure. Investing in any building, should it be your home or place of business, is an investment in the future of you and your family. Protect your investment.

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